Project 365 Failure

Now, now, now, failure is a strong word, Kathy. Besides, technically 2008 has 366 days so you would be a Project 366 Failure.


My Little Princess

One of my most willing photography models.

Last year, when I set out on my ambitious Project 365, I worked hard to take a picture every day. I didn’t post a blog for each day of the year (only made 263) but I TOOK a picture daily. And I have the external hard drive to prove it. Gotta store those digital images somewhere.

This year. No consistency. No perseverance or stick-to-it-ness. Just a mess of random shots. Several times night has arrived without me capturing a single image on film.

david and sarah

The Princess and the Hood

If that’s not a wretched failure I don’t know what is. And yesterday I didn’t even post a blog. On the Works for Me Wednesday site I linked to an old blog I wrote about our homemade whiteboard.

recycling bin

When you don’t have a tree fort or play house, you have to be creative in finding play areas.

There are times when a homeschooling mom of five has to take short cuts. The month of the church’s big women’s retreat is one of those times. Meetings every week, hours of computer work to slog through, decisions to make and amidst it all, children to educate, feed and raise. Yikes!

I think Mom’s Stressed Out Week is going to be renamed “Spring Break” and we’ll all just move on. Sounds like a feasible plan to me, especially since it’s nearing the end of the week and we haven’t completed a full day of school yet. Eeek!

please may I come out?

Daniel’s cozy new abode.

I’ll be the one in the back fighting to keep my eyes open and NOT feeling guilty about my pathetic Project 366.


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6 thoughts on “Project 365 Failure”

  1. I love you, dear dear Katherine. Hang in there- remember your priorities- and let the rest go!

    Maybe a new plan- one day/week of blogging with assorted pics from that week?

    You will figure it out! Looks like spring is coming to the west. Enjoy.

    Love you, Aunt Kate

  2. Ach, Kathy. P365 was fun in the beginning. But I began dreading every evening, trying to come up with something. When I found myself counting down the days left until the end of the year, I knew it was time to stop. The last thing I wanted was my self-imposed pressure to post daily killing my love of blogging.

    It was a GREAT decision for me, very freeing! But I have family/friends comment that they wish I was posting every day (even though I’m still posting at least 5 days a week!).

  3. What you did can never be considered a failure.
    How many people have such a record for their life. The reflections you have thought through and shared is so much more than most. You have hashed through issues on your blog that many of us don’t even take time to recognize. Thank you for your raw honesty….you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Thank you for challenge all to look inside and think. God has given you an amazing gift of being able to ask the hard questions. Thank you for using it:)

  4. no, never a failure. i enjoy the photos, i enjoy your posts (and tim’s), but don’t beat yourself up over not posting yesterday. grace is in order for all of us. i love coming to your site every day i can and seeing what’s up in your world, but if you don’t want to post everyday that’s what you should do. if i post 3x a week i’m doing good.

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