Still Waiting to Hear

Tim and I are eager to hear from our intrepid travelers. Our prayers and thoughts are with them as they arrive in Norway today.

At least we hope they have made it safely through Germany and are on to Norway. We’ll know for certain if they ever email to tell us they are safe.

Or alive.

swing therapy

Daniel can’t hold still, he’s so concerned about his brother and sister.

That’s the problem with sending children off on whirl wind adventures, they are too busy experiencing new sights and sounds to connect with the family back at home.

Not that I am fussing.

Or revving up the Guilt Trip Machine.

Nope, I’m having fun imagining the excitement mingled with jet lag fatigue that is surely distracting Joshua and Rachel.

As for us left behind in WA, this is how we are drowning our sorrows. Good old fashioned ice cream therapy.

grab and spoon and dive in

I hope the children aren’t gone too long or we’ll all gain 10 pounds in their absence.


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13 thoughts on “Still Waiting to Hear”

  1. That mountain of ice cream is incredible!!

    No news is good news, right? I’m sure that this is a trip they will NEVER forget and someday they will thank you again and again for letting them go.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Is that Ruby Tuesdays or Applebees? That is THE BIGGEST ICE CREAM DESERT I’ve ever seen! Is that extra chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream on the side? How do you order that?

    “I’ll have the Colossal Mt. Everest Desert with little skiers going down the back. Oh, and just in case that isn’t enough, I’ll have some extra ice cream and chocolate sauce on the side. Those skiers will never know what hit ‘em!”
    (wild, diabolical laughter)

    Can’t wait to hear about the trip! One of my mom’s best friends is Norwegian and when we were little she always shared a salted leg of lamb at Christmas time.

  3. Oh my goodness! What is that wonderful looking ice cream mountain? Where are you eating it at?
    Can I have a bite?

  4. WOW! That is so huge. I’m behind on posts, so I just now read that they left! What an incredible opportunity. Even so, it would be hard to let them go! I’m sure it will be FABULOUS! When do you get to go? How long are they gone??

  5. you can’t just show us that mtn of ice cream and not tell us what it is and where we can get one!!!???!!!! that looks positively sinful =)

    they’ll eventually email or call. keep the guilt trip humming along and they may even email sooner!

  6. The ice cream dessert is known as a ‘Mile High Mud Pie”, for sale at a local chain of restaurants known as The Ram. Rachel and I went there a long time back, and ate that thing between the two of us. This time, it took four.

    Tina, next time you’re home, we’ll buy you one of these. I don’t think it would ship very well, especially not in this season.

  7. I want some of the ice cream TOO.

    Can’t wait to hear about the kids. Oh, nuts- I guess we’ll be in NC when you report from them. But maybe I’ll talk to Cindy mid-way.

    Love you Edgrens. Aunt Kate

  8. Ice cream therapy has always been the very best therapy when dealing with absent children/spouses etc.

    In San Antonio we had “Death by Chocolate” and like your Mile High Mud it was a multi-eater event. LOL

  9. It’s always a little bit of a let down to have to take a time out of all the fun to call/email parents. =) I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten a call from my mom when I forgot to tell her I got safely to ________.

  10. thanks tim for the insider info. there is a ram in boise, so next time we’re there … do you think a growing 10 year old with a bottomless pit and 2 parental units could handle one between the 3 of us … ummm, i mean them?

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