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wfmw Life changes when you go On A Budget. There is both freedom and boundaries. I find it an interesting exercise. It’s difficult to say “no” but I’m extremely grateful that many times all I am saying no to is a shopping whim. We have money for necessities (and some splurges) and God is providing the means to continue paying off our debt.

These thoughts crossed my mind this week:

  1. There’s no money left in the grocery budget so I’m NOT going to stop at the produce market on the way home, even though I’m all alone and could shop there without any kid distractions.
  2. I’m almost out of toilet paper but I can’t afford a Costco run (there’s no money left in the households OR grocery budget). The smaller pack from the grocery store (on sale) will do fine.
  3. Who’s paying for THAT unexpected little purchase?
  4. I wonder if we could ride our bikes to the grocery store or walk and pull a wagon. Save money AND sneak in a workout – perfect!

Robert does some financial teaching

Is Miriam offering to pay?

None of these are Momentous Thoughts that will save us hundreds of dollars in our budget. They are, however, little baby steps that reveal a gradual shift in my thinking. A move, I hope, away from “I want = I put on credit.” It’s difficult and I can definitely see why Dave Ramsey insists a truly effective Money Makeover must begin in the heart.

What Works for Me this month is using some of our tax stimulus refund to take advantage of our grocery store’s free money giveaway. Gift cards purchased at Albertsons are granted an additional 10%. A $300 gift card to Albertsons was credited to us as $330. A free $30 to a store we shop weekly. What a fantastic deal!

Here is a list of some other retailers participating in similar offers.

Anyone else using some of their tax money in this way?

Kathy – visit Shannon in Rocks in My Dryer for other Works for Me Wednesday posts.

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5 thoughts on “WFMW – Free Grocery Money”

  1. We’ll be paying down our last bit of credit card debt with our ‘stimulus’ check. And congratulations to you for desiring to get out of debt!! When my husband and I first got married, we had over $40k in credit card debt. We paid 90% of it off in 4 years … the same time during which we had two babies, moved three times, and bought a house! :)

    It can be done, and you’ve totally got the right attitude to do it. And all those little $10 and $20 purchases really do add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month. God is so good!


  2. good for you, kathy. we don’t have an official pay down debt plan but we are working on being more frugal and paying off debt. i find, like you that it has to be from the heart. i have found my attitude changing too. good stuff

  3. Hmmmm….are grocery retailers suffering all over the country??? Here in Atlanta the Krogers are all doing the same gift card thing – buy $300 get the extra 10%, etc… I’ve been thinking about doing this but hadn’t known anyone who’s done it yet… Way to go Kath!!! It’s amazing how much all that extra un-needed stuff adds up….(but ummmm…that Starbucks Frappacino tastes sooo good!) ha!

    Just like Bob in “What about Bob?” – it’s all baby steps!!!!! :)

  4. Very clever! Those baby steps will definitely add up in no time!

    We’re starting to buy gift cards for stores that we frequent from the grocery store because you get a 10 cent gas discount for every $50 you spend there. I may be using my stimulus check to buy some new software though, but it’s for my freelance business and so is a tax write-off :)

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