Gearing Up for Fall

NOT!! I’m still in the throes of summer.

Just because school supplies are calling my name and tempting me with their 17 cent boxes of crayons does not mean fall is here.

I still have a few pairs of flip flops that need breaking in, sun screen bottles to use up, and beach towels that want to see more sand and sea water before being tucked away on linen shelves.

don't make me put my towel away!

David, are you ready for school?

Just because I’m teaching three (yes, THREE, I’m obviously an idiot) classes at our homeschooling co-op this year doesn’t mean I should panic. I can still remember the names of the courses so I figure I’m doing great.

Just because I have piles of curriculum (curricula? Which is correct?) to order, doesn’t mean I’m behind. This happens to me every year. I spend a good, solid portion of August living in denial. It’s a happy place full of sunshine, popsicles and, in our case, I hope tomatoes from the garden.

sarah and julia wear 'make-up'

Birthday girl, Julia, puts make-up on Sarah. What?? Much too young for such ‘paint.’

I do, however, have a nice list of August To Do’s going. My prayer for the month is to spend my time purposefully. A Purposeful August. I can fully enjoy the play time with friends, just be sure to work at accomplishing a portion of my goals each day. Sunshine and the lake when there is time, but school and co-op prep as well.

sunshine and water for me please

“You can do it, Mom. Put the camera down and get to work.

It sounds so reasonable, I almost believe it’s possible. What do you think? Is August fun or frantic in your home? I know my sister in law who lives in Georgia has already sent her children back to school. No more summer for them. Does that make life easier or crazier when you’re not homeschooling? How do I possibly get everything done and still manage to feed and clothe everyone, have some fun and keep the house tidy?

party time

Who can work when there’s a party to attend?

Am I asking too much out of life?


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6 thoughts on “Gearing Up for Fall”

  1. You can and WILL do it. I have complete faith in you, dear Katherine E. I love you, Aunt Kate

  2. As long as you get up at 5 a.m. and don’t go to bed until midnight, you can probably do it all! I try to do some of my gearing up for next school year in June (or whenever it is we’re finishing the year) so I feel like I have a jump on the next year. But there’s always stuff I put off. Sounds like time-rationing might be in order to get at least a little bit of a few things done each day?

  3. I do believe it’s “curricula.”

    Hopefully I’ll have kids by next August, and will be able to tell you then how crazy it is. For now, it’s just another month of the year where I have to go to work [smile].


  4. oh i am so not ready for summer to end. having just made the move to boise we want to explore this area before school and fall encroach upon us. we found a swimming pool and had a blast yesterday. i say, play the month away. prepare in the 11th hour and so be it!

    son and hubby both go to school on aug 25th so we only have 2 weeks left.

  5. I am definitely not ready for summer to be over! My kids are going to a church leadership camp next week and then we have just one week before school starts. I had so many things I wanted to do!

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