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Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday, so it seems appropriate that I am thankful for life. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for wanting me and raising me to adulthood. Thank you, Kathy, for carrying and birthing my five children, and for helping me to raise them!

I love these kids, every last one of them, with not even a couple of exceptions.

I love these kids, every last one of them, with not even a couple of exceptions.

I’m also thankful for a church that unabashedly preaches that abortion is sin, and yet offers a hand of help for Moms with unexpected (and maybe unwanted) babies, and healing for those who seek to repent from this terrible ‘choice’. Pastor Reg did a nice job of talking about how being pro-life also affects our attitude toward slavery, human trafficking, and others who cannot adequately defend themselves (like the handicapped).

Before the sermon began, the chairman of our board of elders stood up and told the congregation that this message expressed the position of our church, and was not just the opinion of the preacher. I really appreciated that — I like to see some steel in defending the doctrines of the church against the political correctness of our culture.

More than fifty million unborn Americans have been aborted murdered since Roe v. Wade. This is a death toll worse than the the atrocities of Stalin, worse than Hitler’s holocaust by a long shot.

One of my favorite local organizations that helps single moms and encourages them not to abort their babies is Care-Net. In past years we have helped to outfit their store with dozens of newborn and small baby clothing items — there was an Oshkosh B’gosh outlet near my office, and I used to snap up a lot of their bargains. Care-Net offers free pregnancy tests and ultrasound technician training, but they also address the long-term care of the baby through parenting classes and other resources. Sadly the outlet closed — I need to find another source of baby clothes. I really like the image of a scared new mom shopping in Care-Net’s store and walking away with clothes that reflect God’s love and support for both the mom and her new little son or daughter.

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  1. I really enjoyed this blog! reflecting on the sermon was kind of like realizing what the world was really like…. it was harsh.

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