They Gave Each Other a Pledge?

Sadly, it is time to face reality.

I gained a lot of weight over the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, and have now officially returned to my pre-appendicitis and pre-cancer-surgery weight, which is very unfortunate.

So yesterday, Sarah and I made a pact. We made a pledge. We swore an oath. We are going to stick to a rigorous diet and not-very-rigorous exercise regimen until both of us reach our weight-loss goals.

This is our official 'before' picture.

This is our official ‘before’ picture.

We’ll keep you posted. So far, I’m up half a pound. But, as is often the case, I already feel much skinnier after only two days ‘on the plan’.

Please pray for us, that we would stick to it and be faithful to encourage and hold each other accountable.

Project 365, Day 27

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7 thoughts on “They Gave Each Other a Pledge?”

  1. Okay you two: Very clever! Using a distorted image (which can now be done with impunity via modern technology) is no fair. I can take that image and manipulate it so that both of you will look gaunt and skinny. The only true test is : “What does an accurate scale say? ” Your Dad/Grandpa is on a similar quest, and tonight Grandma and I didn’t do ourselves any favors – we split a piece of “black forest cherry cheese cake” – at Grandma’s request! How’s that for working toward a goal? Oh well……
    But I applaud both of you for your commitment to such a goal. Love, from Grandpa

  2. Will be with you in spirit, prayer & hope! Fix your eyes on the goal! Flee temptation! Drink those kale smoothies! etc., etc. Love you both!

  3. LOL! I don’t think Tim was editing the picture to be fatter or skinnier. For some reason, the blog doesn’t like the settings on our vertical pictures. When they are uploaded, they seem to be stretched in an odd fashion. Still working to figure it out.

    I changed it to a smaller presentation – should look less distorted.

  4. I am attempting to kind of do this plan with them! Hopefully I will get in shape as well! :) Keep it up Dad and Sarah!

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