Don’t Run Him Over

Daniel’s school parking lot accident rendered Tim’s car a little beat up. But, with two pillows stacked behind his back, the driver is nice and comfortable and can actually see without any trouble.

Needless to say, the insurance company issued us a rental car while we settle things from the accident. What kind of car did we “happen” to get?

Pretty red car

Pretty red car

I had to chuckle when the man at the rental company offered us a red Toyota Corolla. On Friday, the day of the accident, Tim mentioned in his blog post that he’s been pining for a sporty Corolla since he drove one at 17. I think he might have spent more than a few hours on Saturday researching new and used cars (cough cough, okay mainly just Corollas) online. On Sunday afternoon, as we snuck off for an unexpected date, Tim asked me if I wanted to go test drive a Corolla. Ha. I didn’t. We ended up walking around Steilacoom and getting coffee at Starbucks.

Sunnyside - last January

Sunnyside – last January

I don’t know why I was surprised, then, to end up with a new Corolla as our rental car for the week. Of course, it “happened” that the only one they had available was red. Tim knows I have a weakness for red cars. I usually stick to red minivans, but a bright, shiny sedan is certainly fun.

"May I help you in?"

Tim shared the car with Joshua and Kelsie.

Of course, now another sad reality has hit us. Braces. Oh dear. Daniel is getting braces tomorrow. He’s got a rather pronounced under bite and, before they do jaw surgery, they want to try and correct it with braces. Ouch. And then Sarah is due to start with spacers in a few months.

Um, braces are no where near as fun as a new (or even new-ish) car. But they cost a whole lot. Can you hear Tim’s desolate ‘harrumph’ through the internet?

We continue to pray and trust God to guide and direct our decisions and our finances. Not always easy. I am keenly aware at how blessed I am to have been able to stay home with the children all these years. And I am incredibly thankful to Tim for working so hard to provide for and take care of us.

I wish I could buy him a brand new Corolla and spoil him for once.

Some of us like to pose with our cars.

Some of us like to pose with our cars.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for us, Tim!

Project 365 – Day 28

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Run Him Over”

  1. Ah, braces!! Anna has had them for several years. Mason started a few months ago. Chloe is next. Wonder if Marvin will be in the braces loop at some point.
    You are a good man, dear Timothy!!
    Love you E’s.
    Aunt Kate

  2. Don’t worry, Kath, I haven’t entirely given up on the idea of a red Corolla. I know it was probably keeping you up last night … :)

    We might need to move some money around, but I think it is still possible. We’ll see, after we hear from the orthodontist.

  3. Sorry Pa… Ur a goner. Oh wait, maybe I’m the goner.. hah! think about the end goal though dad! I’ll have such a great smile at the end of all this! It will be totally (snicker) worth the thousands of dollars!

  4. New cars are so much fun, but not the payments! You guys have beautiful kids and I love the wonderful people that they all are!

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