Panang and Petroleum

Although people who know me might laugh, I often think that flexibility is a key part of being content. So many times, we get worked-up about things that are outside our control, when we could have had the peace and joy that God intends.

Personally, I really hate disappointment, and so I often manage my expectations so that being disappointed is unlikely or even impossible. But I am not always successful in this. As a life choice, it definitely has its down side, since I have limited my ability to enjoy things when they do not disappoint. But I digress.

With Joshua and Kelsie here, we wanted to go out to eat at our favorite Thai restaurant, but we had a hard time finding an evening that would work with their whirlwind schedule. Finally, we settled on Wednesday night, after AWANA. Then we found out we needed to watch some kids for a mom in our church, and that we’d be bring her kids home with us, after AWANA, so the dinner plans were off. Then we found out we weren’t needed, and the plans were back on again.

Three girls at Chili Thai.  If only we had Rachel, then we'd be complete!

Three girls at Chili Thai. If only we had Rachel, then we’d be complete!

When we arrived at the restaurant, we discovered that they closed in a few minutes. Kathy cleverly ordered our entire banquet as take-out, but it was funny for seven of us to arrive in separate cars, only to drive both cars the 20 minutes back home. Happily, we were all feeling very flexible, and gleefully tucked into our Thai food around our own dinner table. It is easy to be flexible when you still get your beef panang curry.

Similarly, gas prices are another thing that you just have to take in stride. Tonight, I filled up Kathy’s van for $32.00, something that hasn’t happened in many a year. Although I remember (as a third-grader) gas selling for $0.33/gallon, the cheapest I ever bought it for was $0.69/gallon. Here in Washington, we’ve seen the prices exceed $4/gallon, especially in the city, where I work. I think I remember filling Kathy’s van for $64.00 or more — talk about ‘pain at the pump’!

$1.93 for a gallon of gas.  Mmmmm.   Thanks, Costco!

$1.93 for a gallon of gas. Mmmmm. Thanks, Costco!

It is so nice to see the prices at reasonable levels again, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m sure that prices will rise again; when they do, I plan to be flexible.

Project 365, Day 29

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