One Last Hurrah

With Joshua and Kelsie here through the month of January, it has definitely felt festive and fun. We enjoyed a Thai meal on Wednesday night and took the Christmas lights and the tree down yesterday. We missed having Rachel home as well, but she’s had a wonderful January Term at Union. Joshua came and taught my student Leadership class at co-op this morning. And this evening we had one last party with a few friends. As much as I try to be sure and have my camera on hand, I know that I haven’t taken enough pictures this month.

We loved having Joshua and Kelsie here this month!

Tim may or may not have been standing on tiptoes. LOL. Oh, and ignore the “Merry Christmas” on the pantry door.

It has been a wonderful visit, and we will be sorry to say goodbye tomorrow! Rachel, we are sending them back to you. Hug them up for us!

Project 365 – Day 30

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5 thoughts on “One Last Hurrah”

  1. You’re a man of great stature. Outstanding in your field. But, if you have to reach for greatness, are you really great? I’m just sayin.

    1. Hmmm. Well-spoken. But if you have to correct those who are, at least in terms of height, greater than you, are you not lessened with them when they are humbled?

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