Give that Boy a Job

Tim and Daniel have been working on an employment letter for a possible job. We got word that the new Chick-Fil-A coming to our town was getting ready to hire employees. Not only that, but the hiring manager contacted homeschool groups in the community specifically looking to find interested homeschoolers. Interesting. Of course, I’m biased and think homeschoolers are certainly hard workers, creative, and trust-worthy. Not only that, but they also often have flexible schedules.

This is one of my very favorite homeschooling girls in the whole wide world!

This is one of my very favorite homeschooling girls in the whole wide world!

After a few rewrites, Daniel sent an email to the hiring manager. He heard back from him immediately and set up an appointment for today, Monday morning. How exciting! We helped Daniel pick out a snazzy tie, gathered around him to pray for a favorable impression and good interview, and sent him off (breakfast in hand).

Mom, a picture now?  I'm trying to take my oatmeal and go.  :)

Mom, a picture now? I’m trying to take my oatmeal and go. :)

After a little while Daniel came back home. Before he came inside David said, “He got the job!” Tim quickly told him, “No, he won’t hear back for several days. Don’t pressure him.”

Meanwhile Daniel came through the door with a goofy grin on his face. “I got the job!” he said.

We looked at each other. “Haha, funny Dan. So when will they get back to you?”

“Um no,” he laughed, “really, I got the job already.”

“What??!!” Cheers erupted from the family.

Sarah said, “I thought that was your I’m Just Joking face.” Ha.

The interview went well. They hired Daniel. The store opens the day after his 18th birthday next month, and he starts training in a week. Such excitement!!

The official employee folder!

The official employee folder!

Thank you to all of those who heard my Facebook request to pray for Daniel this morning. Thank you to cousin Samuel for sharing your experience and impression of working at Chick-Fil-A in Virginia. Thank you to Tim for helping Daniel draft an interview letter and go through interview questions.

Bring on the chicken sandwiches!!

Project 365 – Day 89

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  1. I happened to pass him on the road and noticed him all spiffed up. I assumed he was going to an interview so started to pray for him! Congrats, Dan!!!!

  2. Grandma & I are delighted. This will be great for you Daniel. We will be praying that you will rapidly adjust to the work environment, and do a great job for them, as your cousin Samuel did for them in Virginia. Love, Grandpa.

  3. YAY, Daniel J! (In that top picture you look a lot like ‘the man in black’; all you need is a sword and mask. Just sayin’.)

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