The Adventures of Dave

Hello everyone, this is David Edgren blogging today, for a guest appearance on the Duckabush Blog. One may wonder why this blog is titled “The Adventures of Dave”, well let me tell you. Yesterday, with the afternoon sun sinking below the line of clouds, I went to mow our friends, the Sewell’s, yard. I didn’t really want to do it, for I was tired and just wanted to relax the rest of the day. However, due to kind urgings from my beloved mother, I mowed. Of course, when I finished, and went to try to call home, for my parents to pick me and the mower up, the Sewells weren’t home. I knocked several times, but no answer came. So, I remembered the wise words of my brother, Daniel,
“When I mowed the Sewell’s yard, I walked all the time.” Thus, I hitched up the old mower, and walked home, slightly grumpy. However, when I made it to the house, I was extremely grateful for the late afternoon walk, and the feeling of fresh air in my lungs, and the knowledge, that I was being productive.

The good old mower

The good old mower

While I was walking, I also noticed the beauty of God’s creation. The trees, grass, people, sky, all of it was uniquely awesome. I think I need to be thinking more that my life isn’t mine. It belongs to Jesus, the Author of my life, and the world. So the next time I see a beautiful sight, I won’t just think,
“Wow, that’s pretty!” I will think,
“Wow, what a gift that I have eyes to see this pretty sight!”

These trees grew up with us at this house

These trees grew up with us at this house

I take sights like these for granted, and must remember to be thankful.

Thanks for letting me come on the show.

~David Edgren

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8 thoughts on “The Adventures of Dave”

    1. Oh how delightful to read your writing, David! It’s been fun seeing you grow into such a fine young man. I know your family is proud of you!

  1. This sounds like one of those times when (in the words of an old Phil Keaggy song – look it up!) our disappointment is “His appointment. ” Thank you for sharing your walk home with us! Wise and encouraging words!

  2. David: Thanks for your guest appearance on the “show”. We’d like to see more of you. Glad to see that you are being productive and have learned to be thankful in the midst of adversity. Adversity? What adversity? You had a great walk. You had a job. Grandma and I are thankful that you are a thankful, grateful grandson. And speaking of those trees, I remember when we brought them as little seedlings to you kids from out at The Refuge, and helped you plant them. Look at them now. Love, Grandpa (for Grandma also).

  3. Thanks for the reminder of having a grateful heart. Nicely written David. Hope they let you on the show again. :)

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