Pool Time & Late Posts

I was sleepy last night (and a wee bit grumpy), so I went to bed without blogging. I had taken a picture, and I knew the topic of my post, but I was feeling rebellious. Yep, that’s me, pretty much a rebel. NOT gonna blog, and you can’t make me. I also went to bed without cleaning up the kitchen or making Tim’s lunch for the morning.

Of course, then I got up at 6 am to make Tim’s lunch before he left.

“It hurts me that you got up to pack my lunch,” Tim said after I told him his bag was downstairs and then proceeded to climb back into bed.
“Well, you have be up,” I mumbled, eyes already closed, hoping to sneak in another hour of sleep.
“Yes,” he said slowly, “it hurts me that I have to be up too.”


And today I’m posting twice, because I’m determined and committed to keep going with our 2015 Project 365. So, not sure what that little bit of “rebellion” really did for me. Ha.

Thankfully no one expects me to be brilliant in my blog post (not when I’m writing after midnight). And I have a bunch of great pictures from the day.

Early morning outing

Early morning outing

In the morning Michelle and Kirstin picked me up for the Grand Opening of the new Whole Foods store. So many people! It was definitely quite the event. Poor Kirstin, she thought the store had opened several days before and had no idea we were dragging her into a Whole Foods Throng! The craziest part was how the employees and workers all lined the entrance of the store and screamed and shouted and clapped as the first customers walked in. I think that might have been my only shot at having a “celebrity moment.” Probably should have at least remembered lip gloss.

Later I got in a long walk with a friend. You know those kinds of friends who give you encouragement and are also willing to tell you hard truths? I have several in my life. This was just the challenging, real conversation I needed as I’m walking through a difficult struggle right now. Love the godly women the Lord has placed in my life.

Of course, we can’t just spend all day shopping, walking and doing school. The sunshine cries out for some late afternoon fun. It’s still mild and cool out (it’s not summer yet, it just feels like it with all this sunshine), but the pool was warm.

Pool time with friends!

Pool time with friends!

Can David and Daniel manage to subdue Eli?

Can David and Daniel manage to subdue Eli?

"I think we've got him this time!"

“I think we’ve got him this time!”

Nope.  The giant wins!

Nope. The giant wins!

So thankful for simple pleasures like moments at the park or pool or beach.

Girls relax while the boys wrestle.

Girls relax while the boys wrestle.

Until tomorrow’s post.

Project 365 – Day 127

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  1. Loved spending so much time yesterday with you! Great pics. Bring on SUMMER!!! ????

  2. Wow. What a huge blessing such friends are! (Even without the pool they would be priceless.) You gals out there encourage me in how you take care of each other. Keep it up!

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