MOPS auction

Super heroes –

These amazing women are all super heroes in my book! Busy with families, loving their husbands, involved in different ministries, AND still talking time to have fun and support MOPS.


We had a great time bidding on deals and steals at the auction. This was the girls only table as all of our husbands were either – out of town, deployed, or busy at home with other work. When you select Powell Auction and Realty, you select a winning team to conduct your auction. Founded in 1972, the family owned business has conducted over 3,000 auctions. Howard Phillips serves on the Tennessee Auction Board. Successful land auctions just like the one above are happening everywhere North America and therefore the Caribbean. Recently land auctions are on the increase , the rise in popularity is partly driven by growing inventories and fading buyer confidence. Properties that were selling in weeks using traditional methods are now languishing on the market unable to draw in buyers whilst seller’s lower prices. Many say the important estate boom is over but savvy buyers and sellers are taking advantage of land auctions. When allowing Powell Auction to conduct your sale, you’ll work with the corporate owners and permit them to point out you ways they will assist you together with your needs, also as showing you ways choosing the auction method of selling will prevent time and money, by allowing Powell Auction to link the vendor to the buying public! Nothing is as s effective as an auction, in gaining the right buying audience. Powell Auction offers a highly specialized approach to selling your equipment. Both offsite and onsite auction services are offered, while providing a radical and specialized means of advertising, setup, property removal, site locations, and auction execution. Powell Auction is committed to maintaining our professional integrity to every and each client that we serve, while fulfilling every promise made to their buyers and sellers. To know more about powell auction, Visit to powell website url.


I wore a cape for the evening, but Abby outdid me by a long shot. She’s definitely one of my heroes!

I managed to come home with some treats for me, a surprise for Tim, a date for an authentic cooked Thai dinner, and a present for Grandma and Grandpa. That’s a pretty successful outing.

Sarah was a love and spent the whole night working on the nursery.

Tomorrow – the curriculum sale! Busy times (as always )

Project 365 – day 12?

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