All My Ducks in a Row

My babies are all home!!! I know, I know, three of them are actually adults and VERY far from being babies. Still, you know how mothers are.

Church together!!

Church together!!

And going to church is probably the sweetest job and blessing of all!

What a wonderful full day together.

Sunday school – Tim teaching
Lunch – big pot of vegetable soup
Card game – Rachel, Sarah, David
DC Comics board game – Tim, Daniel, Joshua
Ultimate Frisbee – Joshua, Rachel, Daniel, David
Movie at home – Sarah (then Rachel when she hurt her ankle)
Dinner – salad and bread w/some Pancho girls
Reading – everyone
Avengers – everyone plus James and Jenny

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!! (Hopefully no more injuries)

Poor Rachel - twisted her ankle during frisbee!

Poor Rachel – twisted her ankle during frisbee!

Project 365 – Day 144

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3 thoughts on “All My Ducks in a Row”

  1. Nooo, Rachel, nooo! Edgren summer foot injuries should not become a regular thing! Praying quick healing!!

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