A Hint of Summer

We’ve had such a mild and dry Spring, it is hard to believe we live in Western Washington. Where are the Incessant Rains™ of March and April? Why did we have to water our lawn in May? What is the world coming to, when the first weekend in June is forecast with temperatures in the mid 80′s?

Showcasing the new fence.

Showcasing the new fence.

Back East, they turn on air conditioning in May, and June is hot and muggy. But here, we are unlikely to see any Summer weather before July 4th. Except for July and August, when the sun comes out, Washingtonians know to get out and appreciate it. After all, this may be the only vitamin D we get, that doesn’t come from a jar of pills.

It's official:  David is taller than Rachel.  But what about Sarah?

It’s official: David is taller than Rachel. But what about Sarah?

I broke out my short-sleeve shirts last weekend; it looks to be a hot Summer. Maybe my tomato plants will recover from their sulks and actually produce a crop before October.

Auditioning to be Flower Girls ...

Auditioning to be Flower Girls …

Walking with David down our street in the cool of the evening, watching the blue sky fade to lavender, I am very thankful for the way that God designed our world, and for designing my eyes to be able to appreciate the incredible colors he created.

Project 365, Day 155

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