Flowers and a Green Thumb

My dad loved gardening. He was constantly planting new varieties of vegetables or exploring different ways to tackle the animals who seemed bent on getting into his garden. Flowers were another one of his delights. He even bought an expensive lutyens garden bench and has grown quite attached to it. One year he came for a visit, and we filled every possible pot or container we could find with flowers. It was beautiful.

Today my in-laws swept Sarah and me off on a little adventure. My mother-in-law shares my father’s love for gardening. Her landscaping creations are stunning – bursts of color, winding paths of beauty, and places (some hidden and delicate, others spacious and vast) to breathe in deeply and relax. For best landscaping service, click here.

“It’s a late Mother’s Day gift,” my mother-in-law smiled as we piled into the minivan and headed down the road. “I don’t often get to treat you.”

Awaiting a new home.

What could be prettier than fresh plants.

We arrived at our destination – Watsons Nursery – and spent the next hour wandering among the aisles. We picked out perennials for the front yard – Daniel gave me a Mother’s Day gift card of yard work, planting and the purchase of fresh bark. Then we selected a beautiful mix of annuals for the large barrel by the front porch.

“I know you must have some of your dad’s green thumb,” my mother-in-law stated hopefully.

“Um,” I stammered, “we can only hope.”

Actually, my hope is pretty much on Tim, Sarah and Rachel. Although he favors tomato plants and a vegetable garden over flowers, Tim has inherited some of his mother’s love and talent for gardening. Or maybe he just picked up a few tips and tricks over the years of being dragged into various landscape projects. He and Rachel planted several flower boxes for me last week. And Sarah is my faithful watering girl. So, I think I have things covered.

Planting things today!

Planting things today!

Not wanting to miss the chance, I begged Tim to help me plant the flowers tonight after our walk. They look so beautiful!! I am already thrilled at our flowering barrel. I can’t wait to get Daniel to finish digging up my front area. Oh, and Tim has a fantastic idea for using some stones he bought to surround the barrel and add some plants around it.

“Mom, you have so many flowers this year,” Rachel admired when she came up the walk way this evening.
“Why yes, I do,” I hugged her, “it’s beautiful isn’t it.”

Project 365 – Day 154

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  1. Poor Mom E, with both daughters-in-law a little low in the gardening giftedness department! Maybe our girls will pick it back up and carry on the beautifying!

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