Kayaking and Decluttering

Rachel has developed a love of kayaking. We have some friends with kayaks, and they are incredibly generous to share with us. Rachel went out on Monday and has been itching to go again.

[Sound familiar, Shari?]

Today, even though it was grey and cloudy (sun didn’t come out until we LEFT the lake, go figure), we went to play in the water. Rachel stole off in one of the kayaks.

Go Rachel!

Go Rachel!

We came home, and I got back to work on the mess that is my garage. I made lots of great progress. No pictures yet. It was bad enough baring my shame for the internet in that other post. We stopped for a quick dinner, then it was back out to the garage for me.

So far I have filled the back of the van with bags to donate. I’ve nearly filled up our recycling and trash bins, and still have more to do. My desire would be to have some sort of a designated spot for everything in the garage. Christmas decorations in their respective bins. Tim’s tools all sorted and organized. Computer parts – check. Filed paperwork – check. Toys – organized. Homeschool materials – sorted and filed. Books – everywhere.

Okay, that last one is definitely true. Just not willing to really sort through and pare down the books.

Tim was wonderful and went through 3 old, old laptops for me. He pulled off any pictures or files that were remaining, got rid of the batteries, went through a big box of random cords, and made me a nice stack for the trash. Yay! I love it when I get help from Tim and the kids on sorting things in the garage. Teamwork is my favorite!

I didn’t stop working until Rachel came home from her shift. Daniel was closing at Chick-Fil-A, so he was gone late. Sarah and a friend were enjoying a High School Musical marathon (always fun!). Rachel and David convinced me to stop my relentless decluttering and organizing and watch a movie with them (something other than HSM). Nice to take a break.



Tomorrow we continue. I LOVE summer and having relaxed days where we can tackle projects, visit with friends, and sometimes kayak out into the blue water.

Project 365 – Day 175

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  1. Purging and organizing – one of my joys of summer. I got an organizing book at Powell’s in Portland and it’s been very motivating. Have fun with your garage!

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