Garage Work Continues On

I know, I know, we’re behind just a bit in our blogging. I missed a day or two last week when Tim was gone. It was a lot of pressure, having to blog every day.

I did, however, make sure to take a picture each day. So the integrity of the Project 365 is intact. I just need to go back and write a few missing blogs. All will be in proper order soon. Sarah and I are determined to make sure 2015 has 365 blog posts. Don’t worry, Sarah, I’ll make things right before the end of June!

Today I worked for hours and hours on the garage. I got up early and started organizing while the kids (and Tim) were all still asleep. I stopped (briefly) for meals, one trip to Target, and an afternoon break to help a friend revamp her homeschool/rec room.

After that, it was straight back to the garage. It didn’t bother me that it was hot outside. I had a little fan to stir the air, plus my wireless earphones and plenty of Netflix shows to watch while I worked.

I will take pictures of the progress tomorrow. Today I was just too busy working to snap any pics. The cats are tortured by my labor because I open the garage door and shut them up in the house. No running down the street for them. We caught them trying to sneak out the screen door several times today. Sarah finally propped something against the door (from the outside) to prevent runaway cats.

Most of the time, in this heat, they look something like this.

"I cannot be bothered to get up right now, human."

“I cannot be bothered to get up right now, human.”

Lazy, fluffy cats might be my favorite!

Project 365 – Day 179

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3 thoughts on “Garage Work Continues On”

  1. How hot is it? … Yay for persevering in your cleaning & organizing! … And if I had hair like that, I’d be in the exact same pose!

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