P365 – Day 32 (Thur w/DW)

It’s David’s Special Day. He will be 6 in the middle of this month. My goodness! Right now he is very worried that we haven’t bought him any presents. He’s not sure we have enough time to get them. These are pressing concerns.

david and sarah

Surely his sister, Sarah, will buy him something fun for his birthday!

In lieu of this worry, I do have to ask a few questions. First of all, what does he possibly want that he hasn’t already gotten for Christmas? If you ask him, he struggles to come up with something. I think he just enjoys the IDEA of presents (and really, as someone who has just a hint – cough – of “gifts” as a love language, I can’t blame him). Also I am a bit amused at the idea that it would take such a long time to buy him some presents. If we were ordering something online, then yes, it would require planning, but a trip to the store (Wal-Mart, Target, and Fred Meyer are all within 20 minutes of our home not to mention Toys R Us up by the mall) hardly needs days and days of planning.

I understand his cry – “I’m special! Don’t forget about me. Don’t forget about my birthday! Celebrate me!!” – and in a big family I can understand the fear of being overlooked.

david smiles

Really, who could overlook this special little guy?

He must not fully comprehend what kind of a celebrating mother and generous, gift buying father he has. His birthday will NOT be forgotten. We will prepare and decorate and celebrate. There will be LOTS of presents (of one form or another). His siblings will thoroughly join in the partying – with gifts and general merrymaking. Don’t worry David!

Today was the end of swim lessons for this session.

david sitting pool

David has rapidly progressed up the ranks of swim classes. I guess he was right when he told me he was doing well. He went from Pike to Super Pike and, this time, got the notice that he can register for Eels next. Such a heady pace of advancement!

there he goes

There he goes!

there he falls

And there he falls–not really, but that last jump did wear him out!

Sweet Sarah, meanwhile, plugs along in Pike, session after session. Lol.

sarah swimsI'm a pike

I’m a pike!

After class I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of David and Sarah in front of the beautiful mural that is along the wall behind the hot tub, in the corner of the pool room.

david and the snake
sarah and the flowersthey're silly

Don’t bite our fingers!

I had a meeting this evening so I wasn’t home to snap pictures of David and Tim playing Age of Empires for their game time. I know they had a great time because David was all smiles when I returned home.

This weekend my parents come for a visit. Whee!! David and Sarah will surely impress them with their new swimming skills. We are all excited to see them.

Happy Special Day, David!!


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