P365 – Day 85 (Incognito)

I realized at the end of the day that I hadn’t taken a single picture. What kind of a Project 365 person am I if I can’t even remember to take one photo??? Alas, Mondays are often difficult for this little family and this one was busy as usual.

daniel 2

Thankfully no one took a picture of me falling asleep during our reading time (Bible reading time no less – I don’t remember anything the kids read in chapter 16 of John). Or a picture of me sweating on the elliptical machine (do women sweat, perspire or glow?).


This is NOT Nutella I’m reaching for, as some people have implied.

In fact, I think the most of the family was incognito today. No doubt hiding from the camera.


daniel 1
I hope these pictures aren’t a sign that the children will be going on Project 365 strike anytime soon. Thanks, Rachel, for grabbing the camera and covering for me. I’d hate to end the day with an empty, boring photo-less blog.


Do you find people like their picture taken or resist it? One of Joshua’s friends winces every time I pull out my camera. I can’t tell if he’s shy, hates the flash, or just doesn’t like his picture taken (can’t be bothered). Most of my children look up with their “Photo Ready” smile when they catch a glimpse of a camera. I sometimes use my camera to video the kids. I find it amusing to see how long they will hold their little photo-shoot-model pose before asking (always out of the side of the mouth), “Are you video taping?”

Do you remember to bring your camera along or forget it more times than not? Is there one person in your family who is the photographer and takes a majority of the pictures. If you have a great tip for taking great pictures, PLEASE SHARE!!!

Always curious!


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8 thoughts on “P365 – Day 85 (Incognito)”

  1. Malta gave me a really good tip. She said most people will be very still when they’re “ready” for her to snap, and she waits for that clue. Her pictures are excellent. When they’re not, she fixes it with Photoshop. She’s good at that, too, but still learning. I haven’t had my camera long enough to know much about good shots. But I do know that your pics are VERY good, Kathy! Always. Keep up the good work.

  2. Joyce, I should have known that you and Malta would have some great camera tips. I would love to get a copy of Photoshop one day (need to save $$). Thanks for the sweet comments on my pics. It helps to have such cute kiddos (makes my work easier–ha).

  3. I have to admit, the more I use my camera and the more used people get to me with my camera, the easier it is to get pictures without the “wince factor.” My middle child used to run from the camera–this was in January. Now he ignores me and it doesn’t bother him nearly so much when I aim at him.

    The best thing I have learned is to keep the flash off. No red eye, no blinking (dh is norotious for this), and it’s less distracting. The pictures are better–natural light is way more flattering.

    I love your video trick–my dd does this, too.

    Love your pictures! Keep up the good work, Kathy!

  4. Laura – I think you are right, the more I use the camera and make a habit of bringing it with me and documenting an event, the more people become accustomed to it. What kind of camera are you using? Do you try to keep your flash off inside? How do you have enough light? My camera is great but I feel like I’m still learning about the different settings and capabilities. It’s definitely a FUN hobby. :) Thanks for writing.

  5. I take of our photos. My middle two children are picking up the camera more and more though. My children hardly notice when I’m taking pictures. One set of friends kids love to pose when they see me whip out the camera. My kids know that if they pose rather than look natural and keep on doing what they’re doing I’ll have to take more to get the natural ones too!

    I keep my camera in my bag but it is not a paper bag (lol) so it can take it.

  6. I take most of our photos and like Laura I try to leave the flash off as much as possible. Most of my kids go running for cover when I start snapping away.. .unless it’s something THEY want me to take a picture of and then they come begging me to get the camera out and then I get “posed” pictures and I prefer candid.

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