Some fun blog links

Some fun posts I’ve read this week on friends’ blogs:

*Best souvenir from a homecoming military dh – De’Etta (aka Burka Babe)

*Weirdest Cat Art (Is this for real??) – Don’t Try This At Home

*College Reflections – Rachel (one of my awesome W&M roommates)

*Decorating the home for Easter – Emily

*More Inspiring Easter decorating with Emily

*Travels around England with Betty the stuffed duck – Romany

*Photography book review – Kristine

*Lots of pictures of a great trip to Disney – Cynthia

*10 Requirements for Surgery – Ginger

*Night with the Moody Chorale – Carl

That’s just a little of what I’ve been reading lately. It’s a wonder I have any time to blog at all. But then I just let the children clean the house so I have plenty of time to sit around and browse blogs.

Share some of your favorite blogs in the comments section! Remember, 72 million blogs and counting.


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2 thoughts on “Some fun blog links”

  1. I did like the cat art — and the Burkha Babe entry made me chuckle. It is interesting to see the kind of things you read. After all, someone needs to read those 72 million blogs … and hopefully they are commenting as well, since some blog authors live or die by the comments they receive.

    Of course, I know that you don’t require that shallow affirmation, but it is nice to know that someone reads your entries, every now and then. :)

  2. Love your summary of the blogs! And, I’m with your dh… without the comments.. why bother blogging? I can’t believe that NONE of my local friends comment on any of blog entires yet they’ll call me and ask why I haven’t blogged.. and a lot of them are wondering who all those ladies are who DO comment on my blog (LOL) since they are quite a few names they don’t recognize.

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