Sarah’s First Haircut

It was time. Time to get Rapunzel and do some work on those split ends.
long hair

Man, that is some LONG hair! Somebody, run and grab the scissors. Don’t, of course, grab the scissors and run. Everybody knows you don’t run with scissors. That would be plain dangerous. Safety first, people!

long hair again

One more look at the luxurious locks of my little lady. There is such grace and poise in her bearing.

As soon as I whipped out my scissors (with great care, of course, I read the notice on the package that says “Warning: scissors may be sharp!”) Sarah turned into Rapunzel Contortionist Girl and tried to watch me cut her hair. Now, with the boys this is a difficult feat, but with hair as long as Sarah’s it wasn’t impossible. It did, however, prevent me from getting a nice straight cut (and I’m only that good of a stylist in the first place). Thankfully, Rachel stepped in to help. Rachel, a sweet Princess of Long Locks herself, grabbed the dry erase markers and began to draw on the white board. This was the perfect distraction.

rachel helps

Sarah managed to hold still during her hair cut.

blue cape

She’s all done! What a beauty!

sarah's new look

I wouldn’t go so far as to say she now has short hair, but I did cut off quite a bit. Let’s do the comparison thing.

The Before Shot:

long hair

And After:


The Milestone of the Day – Sarah’s First Haircut!

Project 365 – Day 142

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12 thoughts on “Sarah’s First Haircut”

  1. How lovely!! You know I’m a big proponent of SHORT hair on little girls (big ones, too, I guess–if truth be told)–but I think you did a great job on the cut. The lst one is hard, eh? It looks so much healthier now!! Yea, Mom.

    Love you, AK

  2. WOW!! Sarah looks older all of a sudden…why do haircuts do that!? Such beautiful hair!
    I cut Elise’s hair recently and she looks like such a grown up 4 year old.

    Good job Kathy, and I agree that a girl’s haircut is more forgiving than the precision of a boy’s.

  3. My hair looks about like Sarah’s before the haircut! Same proportional length (around my hips), same scraggly split ends. And it probably has the same future – an imminent haircut. But I can’t boast the same pretty color; dish-water blonde doesn’t quite compare to golden.

  4. My you wait a long time for the first haircut (LOL)! Great job. I’ve never been brave enough to cut any of my kids’ hair.

  5. I’m always amazed at those who can cut hair. I’m blessed to live right next to my MIL & I just have to ask to get the boys done. This time of year is quick & easy – just buzz it all off! :-)

  6. I never meant to wait that long before cutting Sarah’s hair. She was such a cute little baby with a pony tail ribbon on the top of her head. After a while it just seemed fun not to ever cut it – see how long it grows. It’s been needing a cut for a long time but I wanted to be sure I had time to take pictures. ha! Gotta document the moment, you understand.

    I cut all the hair in the house with the exception of Rachel (and mine–lol). Tim likes a short buzz and the rest of the boys get a very basic styled cut. One year I decided to have Rachel’s hair cut into a really cute short bob – I asked a friend to do it. It looked adorable although no one recognized Rachel. It made her look so different. I’m not sure why. Since then she’s been growing it out. I have a hard time getting a straight cut on her hair so I like to have a “professional” do the work. She cuts her own bangs these days.

    Rebecca – I love long hair but eventually it does start to look straggly and unattractive when it gets too long. Or at least without regular trims. I’m with you on the dirty blond color. I wish my hair was still as light as Rachel and Sarah’s. Of course, that’s an easy (if slightly pricy) fix. Ha! You can always get highlights. It’s lots of fun. :)

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