We Have a Winner!

A big Thank You to everyone who took the time to leave a comment on the Favorite Blog Tim posted last week. It was fun reading what other people have enjoyed on the blog. I am having a hard time myself picking out some favorites. I think it’s because I would rather write new and future ‘favorite blogs’ rather than go back and re-read old ones. Plus Tim already picked most of the good ones. :)

On Monday morning Sarah (age 4 1/2) randomly selected a winner among the commenters. We had her pick a number (since the comments are numbered this seemed simplest). She did not know the names of any of the people involved in the contest. She did not know the significance of what she was doing. She was not bribed or cajoled in any way.

She was, however, extremely influenced by one thing, her own age. Not surprisingly, therefore, she picked the Number Four!!! That means, De’Etta (the wonderful mother of 9, wife to an Air Force chaplain, and a fellow blogger) is our winner!!

Congratulations, De’Etta! If you already have Third Day (Wherever You Are) cd, let me know and I’ll pass it along to some other blessed soul. :)


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5 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!”

  1. LOL – so next time will you tell us which child is going to pick out the number????

    So pleased to win something….I’m not known for being a contest winner of any sort…except those free time -share vacations. ::snort::

    Aunt Kate – I’m an Air Force Chaplain’s wife who met Kathy eons ago via an email list. I currently live in TX but my a big part of our heart remains in AK.

  2. Most of our readers probably didn’t catch this, but I’d just like to point out that Aunt Kate often signs her comments ‘AK’, yet De’Etta (if that’s her real name) claims that a big part of her heart ‘remains in AK’.

    My conclusion: Aunt Kate and De’Etta are the same person, perpetrating an elaborate hoax to double her chances of winning blog comment contests.

    It is a good thing I am here to detect these nefarious plots.

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