Rachel’s Winners!

Through careful, scientific procedure, Rachel has determined two winners for her Beanie Baby Giveaway.


Fetch has grown quite accustomed to the life of luxury.

Congratulations to …

Hayley and Ema!!!

Thank you so much for participating in Rachel’s Giveaway. We have worked hard to take excellent care of Fetch and Ears during the past week – plenty of good food and regular exercise. They are easy going little animals with pleasant personalities. They are excited to go on an adventure.


Ears is a bit shy.

Ema, your name was drawn first so you have first choice of Beanie Babies.

Tune in for other exciting giveaways.


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3 thoughts on “Rachel’s Winners!”

  1. Oooh! I am so excited! I would like Ears please. Thank you for choosing me, I will take good care of her and will be happy to have an animal that was yours. She will make a good friend for my bunny Pinky.
    Thanks Rach!

  2. Hayley has emailed Rachel but I wanted to thank you again for hosting such a fun contest. This has gotten my kids interested in hosting a contest on their blog once it’s been up and running a bit longer.

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