Trying to Start School

“I hear you started school Full Blast today.”

Hmmmm. Since she was sitting at the airport in Chicago, I had to wonder where my mother got that little school update. Surely CNN isn’t running stats on local homeschoolers. I can almost picture it:

“This just in, summer is now officially over as Washington homeschooling family of five begins school, full blast.”

I don’t know. Full blast sounds more like something relating to fire hydrants and stereo systems, not homeschooling. We do have our share of fights over music during the day –

“Mom! He changed my song.” “He’s heard this one 20 million, zillion times, it’s my turn to pick the play list.”

– but that happens all year round, not just during school time. And, of course, doing dishes always brings the temptation to squirt a sibling with the new faucet. Again, this is completely unrelated to homeschooling.

what grade am I?

Our First Day of School signs definitely count as art and computer graphics studies.

It turns out there is a Full Blast Family Entertainment Center in Battle Creek, Michigan. 85000 square feet of swimming, computer games, and dancing. Impressive. There’s also a Full Blast Fitness Club in downtown Toronto.

Neither of these things sound particularly academic but then, despite reports to the contrary, we didn’t get a huge amount of schooling done ourselves. It was more like Half Blast, at which point we ended the day with a full regimen of entertainment.

Joshua picked up a friend and went to a beach outing with middle school, promising to bring a group of guys home with him (he’s considerate that way). Rachel scooted off to spend the night with the girls (anything to avoid Joshua’s sleepover). Sarah snagged the little sister of Rachel’s friends and brought her home for a visit. Daniel called up a neighbor boy and asked him over to play.

It’s obviously very important to balance a hard day of school with plenty of fun and games.

joshua is in what grade???

Joshua made an awesome sign, as did the rest of the crew. Sarah wants me to take a picture of her and then print it out. A print of a printed page. Cool.

Of course, even amidst a busy school day, you never know when some celebrities will drop by for a visit.

david, tarah and sarah out on the town

Autographs anyone?

Tomorrow, after we return all the children to their proper homes, we will attempt to get back to school.

Full Blast!!

Project 365 – Day 248

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7 thoughts on “Trying to Start School”

  1. Love the “autographs” picture!!! That’s worth a day of school anytime! Loved the school pictures – those look like they could go into the 2007 Edgren Yearbook.

    Looks like school is in full session in WA……

  2. Kathy, now that sounds like a perfectly wonderful start to school! I think I definately have different ideas about these things.

    We have attempted to get back to work “full blast” as you say, and it has been more of a fizzle, at best. Brian is away, which make us all glum. I have finished all my ordering and done some organizing of our shelves. A bit of math here, some phonics there. Bessie and I are having a blast with the disections. Of course, lots of reading, always that. Maybe next week it will look more like school, but in this house, maybe not!

    Hope you have good success tomorrow.

  3. I love the pages the kids created! What a great idea!!!! I haven’t even attempted school – Full Blast or otherwise. I still have to order math. I’m taking about another week before jumping in with both feet.

  4. I like the last one- hope your fall is a blast.

    I am in such admiration of you, Katherine, for even attemtping to to home school 5 kids. It’s beyond my imagination!!

    I love you!! I love the pics!! AK

  5. Your FULL BLAST post reminds me of the FULL STEAM AHEAD post on.. now let me try to remember whose blog that was on… (LOL)….

    We’re no where near full blast or full steam… we’re barely at lukewarm or not quite to the launch pad yet… whichever description you prefer (LOL).

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