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Building the Blogging Community

I recently read an article on 5 Minutes for Moms regarding the difference between writing and blogging. Blogging, according to author Jim Dubin, requires more than good writing to succeed. In order to build a dynamic, growing blog there needs to be a developing sense of community. “Blogging is more than writing. It’s forming friendships, and sharing inspiration, and working with others to build something greater than you are alone,” Dubin writes.

david and sarah

These two definitely share a precious friendship.

Interesting. It has certainly been my experience that as I connect with other bloggers, leaving comments and partaking in an internet conversation, my own blog grows and blossoms in response.

Of course, many of the faithful Duckabush readers are family members and friends scattered around the states. They aren’t particularly interested in engaging in a global, blogosphere dialogue, but come to the blog to catch the latest family news and enjoy pictures of the kiddos. As Tim would say, the blog is not lacking in the photo department. Hardly a post is published that doesn’t have at least 3 pictures.


Without pictures I am going to fall asleep, Mom.

The one time I posted a blog without pictures I received no end of fussing from family and friends. I’ve surely learned my lesson, even if it means handing the camera to a random child to ensure Project 365 integrity.

In an attempt to “have my cake and eat it too” I thought I would introduce some fellow bloggers while being careful to scatter about a few family pictures.

princess Sarah

Token picture of a cute five year old.

  • If you haven’t already discovered 5 Minutes for Moms, I recommend stopping by for a visit. This blog, run by sisters, strives to connect moms and establish a community for mothers on the web. They continually present giveaways and product referals, everything from preschool books to vacuum cleaners and clothing gift certificates. There is an extensive blogging directory and Susan and Janice regularly feature “mom-owned stores.”
  • Every Day Mommy has a beautiful website and offers affordable blog and graphic design. Look over some of her sample designs and see if you aren’t as impressed as I was. As Tim and I work on our own blog and additional projects for church, we are reminded over and over that graphic design is not one of our gifts. In fact, we seem to be anti-gifted in this area. Thankfully there are creative people like Jules to come alongside and help those of us who are artistically challenged.
  • I stumbled upon a wonderful collection of game reviews when I was wandering through a trail of blogs one day. Katrina, at Callapidder Days has done a marvelous job of reviewing board games. Her posts are colorful, well organized and thorough. Many of the games are geared toward younger children but we saw several favorites among her reviews and others I am eager to try.
  • Another helpful blog, this one with a focus on personal blog consulting, is Mama Blogga. Jordan hosts regular Group Writing Contests and encourages “mommy bloggers” to develop and refine their blogs. Her post on Guest Blogging was particularly intriguing. Since then I’ve been thinking about several friends who would make excellent guest writers.

favorite book

Super Blogger!! David loves this book.

It was difficult selecting just a few blogs among the amazing collection I have discovered in the past year. This is definitely only a very small sampling. I use RSS Reader to manage my blogs. Google also offers a Reader for RSS feeds. The readers make keeping track and organizing blogs very efficient and nearly effortless. The program is structured like an e-mail program (Outlook Express) with a preview pane for reading posts and numbers indicating unread blogs. I can quickly identify who has written something new and move among the blogs with ease.

In April I tagged several blogs with the Thinking Award. These are blogs that I continue to enjoy and read regularly.

Hope you enjoy this assortment of blogs. Leave a comment and share other favorite blogs.

Doing my part to build up the blogging community. :)

Project 365 – Day 250

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12 thoughts on “Link to Link”

  1. Good for you Kathy!

    You know I’m not really interested in having a large audience but I have really enjoyed the somewhat anonymous, no need -to- wonder- what- that- eyebrow -movement -means, it -doesn’t- matter -if- my- house -is- a -mess- when- we -visit, sort of fellowship that happens on a blog. :)

    Have you heard of Tumblr? It’s a new thing that makes linking and formatting quick stuff easier. I haven’t used it, but I know you like all the newest things so you might be interested.

    Great blog as usual, I always love to read it!!

  2. Hmmm…not sure I’m ready for all the bloggy fellowship, community stuff, but it interesting to read. I have a very small audience and that is perhaps best. Too much pressure to make a superior product if you get too large a reader base! LOL

    Always enjoy the pixs of the kids.

  3. Hi, sweet Katherine. It’s so good to be home again and having some time to catch up on your blogs. I admit to being a family member who wants PICTURES. But your various blog references do intrigue me.

    How would I get Anne to look at your blog? I can’t forward it to her, I reaized, when I tried awhile ago.

    Cute chillen you have. (spoken by a one-eyed aunt) AK

  4. Much of the blogging world (in the mommy/parenting realm) seems to be divided between moms who blog for family and friends (usually a rather small group) and those who purposefully reach out to a larger audience.

    It’s an interesting concept. I wonder if the number of bloggers will continue to grow as more and more people decide to have a “web voice” or if it will drop off and just a few (million or so – ha) remain.

  5. Jordan – thanks for coming by! I hope you don’t mind me sharing some thoughts about your blog. I enjoy your site and all the helpful articles you post.

  6. I think I’ll settle for writing and sharing and not worry about building a whole blogging “voice” because I don’t have time to deal with the stress and pressure of a large audience. ::snort:: How’s that? I’m lazy.

    There was a time that I felt I should say something worthwhile as I saw the ticker moving upwards…but then I realized that I began the blog for my family and now it branches here and there but the girls and our extended family are still my main thing….and I tell them “skip the fluff” and read the family activities. LOL Mainly family and friends LOVE the photos and don’t get this whole bloggy community thing anyway. LOL

  7. I’m stressed just trying to get around to finishing up my Rambling Raccoon series! Poor Jodi and her kids must think he’s gotten lost or something (LOL)! I think it’s GREAT that both you and Tim have such a knack for writing, you’re both funny, etc! That would help a lot! Trying to put out something of quality every single day while homeschooling and keeping up with life would just be too much! It’s nice that you’re BOTH into it… I imagine you discussing it quite often, etc… and you can take turns writing the blog! You guys have a great voice!

  8. I am lucky I am blogging at all. My writing stinks and I have few words that could be classified as wisdom. I am better at sharing our daily family life and also you can’t forget my Bare Escentual Looks of the Day LOL – You all are doing an awesome job in the world of blogging.

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