Dishes Anyone?

What would you do with a young man, about to turn 14, who FORGOT to do the dinner dishes? Yes, Joshua, my oldest son, was so engrossed in his Carcassonne game with his father that he forgot to wash the dishes. He didn’t even appear to give the job a second thought. I came home from a baby shower and was sure to remind him of his responsibilities.

I mean, isn’t this why we have children, so they will wash the dishes and do the laundry?

joshua takes his turn

Maybe Joshua and Tim had a little wager on the ole Carcassonne game and the loser was responsible for the kitchen clean up. Yes, that must be it. That would explain that smile on Joshua’s face. He’s sure he’s about to win.

So how come it’s after midnight, everyone is bed and I’m up washing dishes? I guess I lost.

And yet with a husband who initiates Special Days with his children and a teenager who WANTS to spend time with his father, I think it’s far more fitting to say I won. Those dishes suddenly look a little sweeter.

Project 365 – Day 284

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7 thoughts on “Dishes Anyone?”

  1. I remember a time I forgot to do my chores. I was awakened in the middle of the night to complete them and given more chores to do the next day on top of my regular duties to help me remember not to forget again. Believe me, I learned chores were not be to be avoided as they just compound. Now, running my own house, I see the value of ‘just get it done.’ So why is it I still conveniently forget to do the basics around the house? Hmmm.
    Many Blessings,
    Holly @ Aiminghigh

  2. LOL Looks like a ploy to keep you on your feet. You know, I’ve found that if I never sit down all day, I lose a lot of

  3. I remember playing ping pong with dad to see who would do dishes. Most of the times Mom had already finished the dishes by the time we were done. It’s a good, tried and true tactic to get out of dish duty. I recommend finding some activity that takes you out of the immediate area of the kitchen. The further you are away from the dishes the less likely you will be required to clean them. Just my helpful hint to my nephews and nieces.

  4. You probably read the note on my blog awhile back about letting the dishes sit awhile longer while one enjoys a game or two, a bike ride, or some other activity with the kiddos before it’s their bedtime. I wish we would have let the dishes wait a little longer while our oldest was still home. I think I even mentioned doing one of your kids’ chores for them as a way to show them you love them in response to one of the questions you asked here on your blog!

    It’s good you took it so well… coming home to the dishes not being done. In my younger days I would have been upset… in my “older” days (LOL) I probably wouldn’t care….

    Oh.. you remember reading the Invisible Mom on the SHS loop awhile ago…. we all know who keeps the house going and remember.. sleep is overrated and for wimps so there you go. You didn’t really need all that much sleep that night anyway. My FAVORITE time of the day is to clean… way past midnight when you’re barely awake…. then when I come down to a nice clean whatever the next day it almost feels like someone else did it (LOL) until I remember how tired I am >VBG>!

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