Heading to Work Out

This Reunion Count Down is a killer. All the working out is seriously cutting in to my busy social life (ie blogging time). I don’t know how people fit consistent, regular exercise into their schedules. Maybe if I were a morning person it would be easier. I would get up early, while the children were still tucked quietly in their beds, and enjoy an invigorating, brisk work out. Hmmm. That so isn’t going to happen.

gotta go exercise!

Heading off to the Y with trainer Julee.

In the meantime, I steal away an hour here and there every day to exercise. Today I did some weight training in the morning and then went BACK to the Y in the evening for an hour of cardio. Whew! Don’t I sound energetic and motivated. Or is it desperate and obsessed?

Only a couple more weeks until reunion time. I figure I can remain committed for that long. If nothing else, this has certainly been quite the experience. I’m logging in my food (calories, fat, carbs, proteins) and exercise (time and calories burned) daily on an Excel spreadsheet (gotta love Excel). I don’t think I’ve ever been this serious about high exercise and low calories. I’m certainly learning a lot.

  1. Beef (even lean) has a lot of calories. It’s often a better “bang for my buck” to stick with chicken or fish. I had tofu tonight and it was delicious and low calorie.
  2. Vegetables are amazingly satisfying when you are hungry.
  3. Striving for a goal on the treadmill or elliptical (calories burned, time spent) is very motivating. It brings out a competitive side in me that I didn’t realize I had and I find myself working harder and pushing myself to the next level.
  4. Losing weight and getting fit just plain takes time. I’m still losing weight that I’ve already lost before. Or rather, I’m losing the weight I gained over the summer. It will be another week or two until I hit “fresh” pounds.
  5. Some condiments are so NOT worth the calories and fat – salad dressing, cheese, oil, butter. I’d rather save the calories for something else and stick to spices, mustard, and vinegar to season my food.

Interesting how keeping track of things changes your perspective and focus. Well, I don’t mean to turn this into a weight loss blog so I’ll stop rambling on. If you have a great tip on eating healthy and fitting exercise into your life, PLEASE share!! I am so encouraged by other people’s life experiences. Leave a comment!!

I’m sure the weight will start melting off at any minute now. Until then it’s:

Another day another work out. :)

Project 365 – Day 283

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15 thoughts on “Heading to Work Out”

  1. Keep on going Kathy! You look great in the picture, in that cute workout outfit. What a great friend Julee is to be such a cheerleader for you. Whatever the scale says at the end of the month, you have worked hard, learned lots and I am proud of you. When you feel like a day is a particular struggle or are just not satisfied with your meal, remember all you have in Christ, that you are complete in Him and in Him you have freedom. Freedom to say no to those fleshy desires, freedom to choose not to give in those desires and wants, freedom to glorify Him by eating and living in a healthy way. Praying for you my friend!

  2. Kath, you’re way ahead of me! Motivation is such a key, isn’t it? Both initially and then to maintain the good habits. Persevere! You’re looking great!

  3. Katherine, you look ready right now for the reunion in your blog picture. I loved your fitness blog…but you know how I like exercise, goals, improvement in any area. We night people will just have to work in our fitness later in the day…I’m not getting up early for anything, if I don’t HAVE to. Keep it up, and you will WOW them at the reunion. Don’t keep it up, and you will still WOW them!

  4. I liked what you said about FRESH pounds. HA, that’s a good way of looking at it. I have 15 lbs to lose, but don’t have your drive. GOOD JOB!!!!!!

  5. Kathy, if you need to lose any more weight, it certainly doesn’t show up in today’s picture! You look fantastic. I agreed with everything Malta said. You’ll wow ‘em!

  6. Now you all must know that I wouldn’t post a bad picture of myself. That’s the joy of being the blog owner. :) If I put up a picture of me wearing stripes and not oh, so slimming black or zoomed in a little less artfully on some bulges and pudges, you might understand my workout focus. Ha!

    Emily – we’ll see how I do when I only have 15 pounds left to lose. LOL! You’re ahead of me there so don’t worry about it. When I start creeping up on the half way mark, I’ll start pushing you to get going. You still have a couple of months.

    I’ll be sure to slip an extra few bucks in my photographer’s pocket (Joshua) for taking such a flattering picture.

    You all are the best!!

  7. Oh, Kath–You do look great, and it’s going to be great just to see you! I wanted to lose ten, or maybe fifteen, pounds for our reunion, and it’s only 2 weeks away!! Can that be right??! So, I don’t think 10 or 15 is going to happen. And I went out for Mexican for lunch with my not-weight-conscious husband, so even five pounds may be difficult. At least, I’m feeling heavier right now. But really, is anybody besides us going to be there? Well, okay, probably, and they probably haven’t had four or five children, either, but I bet they won’t be nearly as beautiful as you anyway. I’m hoping this post will inspire me to ultra goodness until I see you. :-)

  8. YOU GO GIRL! “Fresh” pounds.. that’s cute! I wouldn’t want to say how many pounds I have to go before I hit “fresh” pounds from before the 3rd baby!

  9. There is a fat that is very delicious, is very good for you and actually helps you burn fat…it’s called coconut oil. It works in your body the opposite as other fats. Cut white sugar, white flour, add coconut oil, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy lifestyle long AFTER the reunion as well.
    Many Blessings,
    Holly @ Aiminghigh

  10. Hot spices are really good for burning calories. Lots of coffee is helpful too (oh, wait, that’s just good for waking up – ha).

    You look great Kathy – the picture reminds me of a handful of pictures of us in high school (one of you and me both dressed in black standing outside of Trinity comes to mind – remember?) Ha. Love you lots!!

    Jenn and I are moving into our first home next month and we’ll be further AWAY from our gym (25 minutes instead of 10), so I’m thinking about a ‘home gym’ and what that could consist of. Hmm.. anyone have a treadmill they want to donate to the Lose Moore / Gain Moore Gym??

  11. I love having a “workout partner”. My friend Lisa and I try to get to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. It really helps to have someone motivate you to keep on keeping on. You go girl! You look great!

  12. You know, you really don’t look like you need to lose weight! I’m sure that you feel better when getting fit though. Keep up the good job!

  13. Kathy, This is so late! I’m behind in my blog reading.

    Weights! I have been doing the Walk Away the Pounds for about three weeks now..every day. I get up at 6 or 7 and work out. The kids are usually up and getting ready before I finish and Isaac usually needs his morning hug as I’m listening to, “and kick, and kick, and kick”! :)
    I started adding 3 pound weights as I work out, just holding them for extra resistance as I walk, and using them on the arm lifts.

    Sometimes I throw in the 5 pound weights but I have to be more careful with them so I don’t injure myself by pushing too hard.

    Another thing I read somewhere is not to eat anything a couple of hours before heading to bed. If I get the munchies, I eat half of an apple and have a mug of peppermint tea. The pectin in apples is supposed to aid in weight loss and I let the tea steep for at least 15 minutes to get it sweet and strong.

    Thanks for the tips!

  14. Oops…one more thing. I know you aren’t a morning person, I’m not either, but it feels SO good to get that energy going early. I think it helps me make it through the morning without yawning.

    Last night, I worked out at 10:30 pm because I hadn’t the day before and I was DETERMINED to get it in. Maybe you can blog from afar….you have a wireless keyboard…strap it to your treadmill and blog away! :)

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