I wish I had a Parenting Tip

But I don’t. Not today. Not this evening when I’m too tired to be insightful, creative or witty. I thought about about something novel I’m trying with the children. “That would make a great blog, I said to myself, picturing the staged photos that would be perfect with the post. But since I just started today, it seems a little premature to share it with the blogosphere.

“Is this a new rule or an old rule, Mom?” my oldest son asked me last night when I told the kids we were going to try something different.
“Um, it’s not exactly new, no,” I mumbled.
“Oh, I got it. It’s an old rule that you are going to start enforcing,” he nodded sagely.

What does that mean and why did he look so world-weary when he said it? I guess an old familiar family standard is better than a shocking new one. This particular child doesn’t like change so he’s understandably wary when I charge off in uncharted waters, whether it relate to parenting or homeschooling or life in general.

I’ll let you know how it goes some time this month. Let’s just say I collected a quarter from at least one child today.

Maybe I can get the children to pay for my coffee habit. Some more coffee and I might be able to stay up and write my parenting posts. See how it all comes back to coffee. It’s an addiction, I can admit it.


That shark looks like trouble, but Sarah isn’t worried.

Get ready for this week’s Works for Me Wednesday. It’s the first Wednesday of the month and the theme is Backwards Day. Instead of sharing a tip, people post a question and readers give advice and counsel. Last time we discussed chores, menu planning and showing love to your children. There were some great responses and I can’t wait to hear from people again this week.

What shall we discuss? Any thoughts? Any burning questions to which you know other Duckabush blog readers hold the answers? Life, liberty and the pursuit of coffee?

I’m definitely too tired to be blogging. :)
Until tomorrow,
Project 365 – Day 309

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5 thoughts on “I wish I had a Parenting Tip”

  1. How ’bout this: what do I do with my “normal” kids? My kids who aren’t passionate about something and have their life’s work mapped out by the age of 12? My kids who DON’T run their own business by the age of 15? My kids who just like to get through their schoolwork quickly so they can play?

  2. I always like to know what everyone is reading.

    I’m very curious about the new old rule. Shall I send my quarter? If so, can I play?

    When you are tired- perhaps you should sleep?

    I love you, dear Katherine. Aunt Kate

  3. You are funny, Kathy. How do you do these late nights and survive the next day? Maybe I need to reconsider coffee. Or try lots of tea. Something.

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