Christmas Cards, Parties and Shopping

We tried to do school today. Really we did. Okay, we didn’t try very hard.

In a moment of distraction, I let Rachel go off to play with friends. Once you lose one child to a play date, you are on slippery ground. A short while later Daniel begged to go and join Rachel.

Suddenly it was much quieter. Ah! Who needs school when there’s shopping to do.


How else can you avoid the crowds?

sarah's train

Sarah, fresh from the bath, shows off our two gingerbread houses.

I turned on my electric mattress pad, grabbed the Rainbow Resource catalog and started making lists. After 300 pages and TOO many curriculum choices, I was no closer to my Christmas OR homeschool shopping.

I nearly needed a paper bag for my hyperventilating.

I have a love/hate relationship with Rainbow Resource. They have amazing prices and just about any subject and study you could ever want, but I’m a curriculum junkie. I hardly ever see new homeschooling materials that I don’t want. Rainbow Resource can be a very bad place for me.

Time to work on something else.

How about Christmas cards. Those need to get out at some point. I thought it would be novel to send our cards out in late November this year. You know, to connect with old friends and keep ourselves current on people’s Christmas Lists.

“What happened to Tim and Kathy?”
“I don’t know. I think they’re in the Witness Protection Plan, something about Tim, a jar of Nutella and a Scrabble tile.
“Ah. That doesn’t sound good.”

Yep, it was a very novel idea. So novel it didn’t happen.

Now it’s 3 days until Christmas, I’ve bought half the presents (most of which are being shipped in January sometime) and I’m only up to the D’s on our Christmas list.

These are exciting times, friends. Exciting times. It’s a good thing I thrive under pressure.

In the evening we went to a Christmas party. There’s something ironic about a non-sugar person (who hasn’t had sugar in almost 3 years) opening a white elephant present of 6 pounds of Gummy Bears.

There were three coffee gift cards floating out there and I end up with Gummy Bears. That’s something else.

One of my friends at the party was vegan, and this made it hard on her, as she liked only vegan gummy bears. In case if you’re Vegan, check out these Gummy Bears¬†as it was recommended by her to me, and they taste absolutely fantastic.

I wish it was something else. How about 6 pounds of coffee? That sounds like a pretty good trade. Anybody interested?

nancy and debbie

Nancy said I could take her picture if I put her on the blog. How could I resist such an offer? My children usually run the other way when the words blog and camera are mentioned in the same sentence.

Now I’m rambling. It’s beyond late (I had to make it through the C’s before I was allowed to go to bed) and I need some sleep. Tim declared Holiday Hours when we got home from our party. Time for the Christmas Fun to begin!

How about you – are you panicked or prepared?

Until next tomorrow,
Project 365 – Day 355

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Cards, Parties and Shopping”

  1. WHAT??????? Three years without sugar?????? I need to hear the story here. SERIOUSLY??? Like no white sugar in bread or ANYTHING? Or just overt sugar??? Tell, girl!

    Seems like you wrote other stuff, too, but all I remember is NO SUGAR for THREE years.

  2. Okay, it is a sad day when you wake at 6AM wondering if you made the Duckabush blog…am I that needy of some special attention? I noticed Kathy, that you did not post the picture of the three of us!! Guess I need to be a little more specific next time….oh, and hurry up with those cards, I’m a the end of the alphabet! : )

  3. I sympathize, Kathy. I’m almost done our Christmas cards, but sent from our APO post office over here, people probably won’t get them until Valentine’s Day. So maybe in that equation you’re ahead of me! It’s not like we don’t know Christmas is coming on 25 December this year. The days between those October birthdays and Christmas must have fewer hours in them or something.

  4. Don’t you homeschool?
    Can’t you set your own schedule?
    Can’t you celebrate Christmas in January or February or whenever you’re ready?
    Take all the time you need. I’m sure the kids will understand.
    Tim, though, that’s another story I’m sure.

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