I Am Here But Not Blogging

Okay, obviously I am blogging but I’m not really blogging. At least not “Tim and Kathy Style” with a plethora of pictures accompanied by wordy paragraphs that may or may not have anything to do with the photos.

Rachel and I went away for our Passport 2 Purity weekend. It was wonderful! We had a fantastic time and loved every minute. Tim found us a great deal on a beautiful hotel and we ate out, went shopping (several times) and enjoyed a movie. Just a lovely mother/daughter weekend.

Not to mention all the discussions on dating, sex and purity.


More on that later (maybe).

Meanwhile, and here’s where some gorgeous photos would be included, Tim took the boys off on their annual father/son/men’s camping trip. They had such a great time last year that this time they expanded the group to include a family whose father is currently deployed. Tim, and five young men (ranging in age from 7 to 14), tents, food and sleeping bags in hand spent the weekend at Mount Rainier.

Let’s see feather beds at the Hyatt or sleeping bags in a tent? Hmmm. Which would you choose?

Pictures coming, I promise.


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6 thoughts on “I Am Here But Not Blogging”

  1. Was the camping backpacking or just drive up unload camping? We’re going backpacking soon. with bivvysacks and not tents.

  2. Waiting for pics. Proud of my dear Katherine and her tender wise parenting! I love you. Aunt Kate

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