Sunshine Warped Their Brains

Has Spring finally arrived? Sunshine. Warm weather. Homeschooling out on the yard. Dandelions covering the grass. Allergies for Tim.

eat this little fishie

This goldfish is a goner.

Okay, so not all of the signs of Spring are positive.

Glorious sunshine is one aspect of the season that we all adore. Perhaps in other parts of the US a sunny day in April, with temperatures in the mid to high 70′s, would signal the beginning of summer. I’ve heard of such places.

Not so in western Washington. Pretty much what we can expect is … rain. Oh we have wonderful, beautiful sunny days in the spring and summer, but you’re better off planning on clouds and gray weather.

beach buddies

Sand, beach and buddies, ah life is good.

Every ray of sunshine is an unexpected delight and sends us rushing outside to savor the warmth. Some of us rush a little too far and end up in the water.

suck it in, boys

The Puget Sound is a cold body of water, but there are spots with warm sand.

Yesterday there was a terrible rumor that our warm weather (70′s two days in a row, a near miracle) was coming to an end. I received a desperate email from a friend begging for suggesting an afternoon outing at the beach. Who was I to deny a mom in need of sunshine? We called/texted/emailed around, inviting others to join us. Off we went with chairs, snacks, and bathing suits.

crazy children

Is it just me or do their lips look blue?

Crazy children! It’s NOT summer yet, dear hearts. Still, we did so enjoy our first day at the beach. I have hopes (dreams) of many more to come.


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8 thoughts on “Sunshine Warped Their Brains”

  1. Okay, we live in FLORIDA and we are NOT in the water yet. I won’t even get in the pool until the temperature reads 90°! LOL!

  2. LOL about the warm weather. We had a day of that yesterday (LOL) and now w’ere back to cold and rain…. you shouldn’t have sent the rain our direction!

  3. so glad you enjoyed your “brief” sunny weather. i sure do miss the puget sound and the lakes over there. but i love the sunny warm weather we have here. take care my friend!

  4. I also love that goldfish photo. It seems like you guys really had a blast with the warmer weather. Sometimes I wish we could have longer sunny days. There are tons of activities for kids when the weather is just cooperative all the time. LOL

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