Playmobil Break

So many people - so little time!

Enough Playmobil people to populate an entire city!

Daniel and his friend James cleaned up the garage this weekend. And by clean up, I mean they piled all my Christmas bins and random projects into nice, tidy stacks against the edges and walls of the garage. I’m not sure I will ever be able to find everything. But then, Daniel would probably say that was my fault for leaving it a mess and hinting that they should clean it up before the party. Ha.

Time for some Playmobil

Time for some Playmobil

With all of the Christmas containers shoved aside, you can actually see things on the shelves in the garage. At some point during our party on Friday night, someone took down some Playmobil for the little kids. Several years ago I bought a HUGE amount of Playmobil from a friend who offered me a deal I couldn’t resist. I’ve organized and separated the pieces into separate containers, but nothing has been played with or enjoyed in a long while.

Sarah has a knack for building.

Sarah has a knack for building.

During our school reading today, David and Sarah pulled out four of the Playmobil bins and started to put the castles together. I couldn’t resist getting a few pictures of them, and we ALL wished the afternoon reading/playing time could have stretched on longer.

For now the living room is still covered in people, odd pieces and wonderful potential Playmobil fun.

Nothing like a little hands on activity during reading time.

Nothing like a little hands on activity during reading time.

As long as I don’t worry about company or having a tidy living room, we can leave out the Playmobil and enjoy them this week. There isn’t as much time for “play” as there used to be when the children were little. Interesting how homework, friends, and computer activities (games, social media, etc) replace simple “playing” as the kids get older.

Even though I am constantly decluttering and giving away bags and boxes of things, I insist on keeping Legos, Playmobil, Knex and shelves and shelves of kids’ books. I love toys that encourage creativity and inspire the imagination.

Project 365- Day 2

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  1. Ah, the good ol’ days of kids on the floor with Legos / Playmobil while I curled up on the sofa with an engaging read-aloud book! Sweet times. So glad you all are getting to revisit that!

  2. Having a tidy living room is highly over-rated, although it is nice to be able to walk across the floor. Fun to see them out again.

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