Weeding Girls

By Sarah

This week, I am an only child, seeing that Josh, Rach, and Dan are in college and David is in California. I’ve been pretty lonely. It’s been fun having Mom and Dad all to myself, but it is more fun when you have someone else to share them with.

But, don’t worry, because I have Tarah.

Tarah is such a joy in my life

Tarah is such a joy in my life

I’ve known Tarah since I was three years old, and we are still best friends. Tarah is so fun to be with, and I constantly find myself laughing when I’m around her. I am thankful that she is in my life.

We're always laughing

She's so fun to be with

So today, when she came over, Mom (of course) put us to work.


Let’s just say I’m not exactly enthusiastic when it comes to any sort of yard work. I don’t mind weeding too much, but I’d rather clean inside. When Mom informed us of our new job, Tarah jumped up and said, “Oh, I love weeding! I do it for fun sometimes!” So we went to work. Sometimes you need a friend to make a job fun. After a while of not-so-steady weeding and more talking, we finally finished.

Weeding around the beautiful flowers

Weeding around the beautiful flowers

Soon, David will be home, but for now, I suffer being an only child.

~ Sarah <3
Project 365 – Day 238

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