Everyone Grab a Kitty

Rachel loves her kittens and works hard taking care of them. I found an old blog she wrote from 2009 pleading with the reader to vote in her favor for a kitten rescue. Oh, my, but the pictures were adorable. It took her three more years to convince the rest of her reluctant family (okay parents) to bring a cat into the home. I have to say Rachel definitely lives out the verse Proverbs 12:10a; “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal…”

Her one weakness?


I hate to say this on a public forum, but Rachel is not a good kitty sharer. Yep, she’s a little over protective and watchful of the two felines who reside in our home.

Thankfully she knows how to share with those who prove themselves worthy.

Jenny loves these kittens ALMOST as much as Rachel does.

Jenny (and her sister Sarah) were with us when we picked out Miri and Misty so it’s only fitting that Jenny has “kitty rights.”

Do kittens have aunts?


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4 thoughts on “Everyone Grab a Kitty”

  1. Those little kitties are growing ! I especially like the way the ear-hair shows up in the gray one. Looks like a grumpy ol’ geezer.

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