A Collection of Images

One of the joys of watching your children grow and mature through the years is delighting in their emerging gifts and skills. As a amateur photographer and obsessive blogger, I am thrilled when my children share in my hobbies.

How else would I enjoy such photographic treasures as these?

joshua working

Joshua helped me get the Christmas lights up today.

who is it?

Name this talented photographer .. creative self-portrait!!

Oh yes, and this little gem of a picture:

nice car part

I’m awfully glad they caught that on film. Nothing like looking through the eyes of a six year old boy at the world around you.

Or at least the driveway. Modern art, I guess.

And then there’s this one:

larynda's picture

Oh wait, no one in my family took that picture. I borrowed a WONDERFUL camera from a friend and this is one of her shots.

And this one:

what town is this?

What a gorgeous picture!

Of course, these family shots are much more interesting:

daniel leaps!

Look at Daniel perform stunning feats of athletic prowess! I thought that could only be done through Photoshop.

what happend to david?

Notice David crying in the background of the second picture. An injury occurred and we caught it on film! This is good stuff. It’s right up there with hubcaps and shadows.

I also ended up with 20 pictures of the boys taking apart David’s old bike.


And you all wonder how I manage to take so many photos in one year.

I overheard my apprentice photographer say, “David, you and Daniel go sit by Joshua while he works so I can take a picture of all three of you. It’ll be perfect – all of the boys together.”

joshua and his pit crew

It brought a tear to my eye. They’ve already learned to stage pictures for the blog. Next time she’ll surely suggest the models run put on matching sweatshirts. One step at a time. Some wisdom is attained only through experience.

So hand your kids your digital cameras (thank goodness for DIGITAL!!!) and see what kind of photographic mysteries and beauty they uncover.

Projet 365 – Day 342

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Missing Mark

Today is my brother’s birthday. Well, by the time I post this blog entry, it will no longer be his birthday where he is, but who’s counting? It is, as they say, the thought that counts.

Sartorial Magnificence

Mark always was a snappy dresser.

I’m sure I’ve written about him before, but I miss him a lot. He’s stationed in Norway, after only one year living locally; I do wish I’d made better use of that time. We played some games and Laser-Tag together, and celebrated various holidays with him and his family, but it wasn’t quite enough. At the time, we had hoped he might choose to retire here, maybe after a three- or four-year tour at Fort Lewis, and so it didn’t seem so urgent that we see each other right now.

Mark and Jimmy-T at my wedding

Mark sure looks young (and shaggy) in this picture (left), from our wedding.

Mark has been a good brother to me; I frequently encourage my boys to be good brothers ‘like Uncle Mark was to me’. He protected me, encouraged me, taught me things, played with me, went ahead of me into various unknowns (jobs, schools, etc.) and loved me enough to sacrifice his interests on my behalf hundreds of times.

Mark and his Armored Personnel Carrier
He never would share the machine-gun, though.

Happy Birthday, beloved brother.


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I Can Write My Name

Well, almost.

sarah and the gel paint
Sarah tries out her new Gel Paint.

Project 365 is coming to an end. Wednesday is Day 339. It’s been a long year of many pictures. No wonder I’m having trouble writing our family Christmas newsletter, I’ve already said everything on the blog.

I never thought I could really take a picture every day for an entire year. I guess I should have been more worried about taking only a SINGLE photo each day. :) Maybe the second edition of Project 365 should be: Take a meaningful picture every day. Hmmm.

What do you think?

  • Another round of Project 365 – don’t make it specific, just capture one image each day
  • Scrap the whole thing. Enough is enough, how many pictures of cute kids do we really need?
  • Change the whole focus – give each day a theme.
  • Less rambling/babbling on the blog, more pictures.

Other thoughts…


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WFMW – Easy Meals

wfmw I’m excited about this week’s Works for Me Wednesday category – What do I Fix Edition – because I am the worst meal planner ever! I LIVE in that place of constantly wondering, always at the last minute, what we will eat for dinner. I plan to plunder all the blogs linked to the site for fabulous ideas and never have to worry about coming up with a last minute, easy meal. Assist my poor family and leave a comment with your favorite easy-to-fix meal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My younger children thank you.
My (perpetually hungry) teenage son thanks you.
My (please tell me you’ve started dinner) husband thanks you.
This homeschooling mother of five, too busy teaching the little darlings to feed them, thanks you.

rachel helps bake

I try to have the children work with me in the kitchen but it’s so hard to find good help these days.

Super Easy Family Meals:

Italian Chicken – Frozen chicken breasts in a baking pan, top with Italian salad dressing and fresh parmesan cheese. Bake.

Biscuit Pizzas – Pillsbury biscuits topped with spaghetti sauce and cheese. Bake.

Noodle Casserole – Cook package of noodles, mix in spaghetti sauce and quartered (Costco) meat balls (microwaved), top with cheese. Bake.

Champagne Chicken – Frozen chicken breasts in a baking pan, top with Champagne salad dressing and fresh parmesan cheese. Bake

Any resemblance to Italian Chicken is entirely coincidental.

Red Wine Vinegar Chicken – do you see where I’m going with this? Easy chicken dishes and quite varied for the family with discerning tastes.

That pretty much exhausts my list of easy meals (that don’t involve frozen pizza, chicken nugggets or salad dressings). You can see why we need help.


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