Good Night

Having been convicted about the lack of self-discipline in my life AND been reminded about the priorities which are important to me, I think I will forgo my favorite evening past time – BLOGGING – and go to sleep at a decent hour.

Thank you for all your kind words and prayers. You are all so dear to me. It is such a blessing to have friends and family (and random internet strangers) encouraging me.

Works for Me Wednesday is Backwards Day this week so be prepared to share with me your words of wisdom.

I’m not sure on what topic yet, but it will be something powerfully good.


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When the Lord works in your life to refine you, do you fight, flee or listen?

I am a cheerful, even-tempered person, for the most part, but this evening I found myself weeping.


God is speaking to me about some issues of self-control and discipline in my life. I can feel Him pruning away the dry, shriveled branches.

It hurts. Stings. Wrenches.

Even though I know the end result is fresh growth and new blossoms, I still find myself clinging to those withered, unattractive twigs.

rachel and her mama

Rachel and I enjoyed the sunshine this afternoon.

Today a friend listened to me share my struggles in the areas of finances, homeschooling and healthy food/exercise habits. Just as I was asking for prayer to be faithful, she interrupted to point out that all of those battles lead back to a lack of self-control.

“You can’t treat the symptoms when there is an underlying, root cause that needs addressing,” she said and from there we began a quick Biblical word study on the topics of “self-discipline” and “self-control.”

It wasn’t pleasant. My heart was hurt as I looked in the face of some of my shortcomings and thought about my many failures. I was weary at the thought of all the effort involved in CHANGING a core weakness.

At the end of our visit, my friend gently touched her Bible and said she would be earnestly praying for me from Colossians 1.

“…and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience…” Colossians 1:9-11

let's sit together

Through the fire, amidst the tears, never leaving me, the Lord is there by my side. When I am weak, I can lean on Him. In my ugliness and failure, His love is still true and constant.


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Marriage, Finances and Other Serious Topics

Husbands – love your wives.

Wives – respect your husbands.

How can this teaching be so simple and yet so profound?

Your spouse isn’t wrong, just different. Can you accept that he or she has needs that you don’t share?

These were some of the questions which challenged us this weekend at a Love and Respect video conference hosted by our church. We went as a family. Joshua and Rachel served in the children’s department, the rest of the kids were, um, children IN the children’s department. We brought treats, welcomed people as best we could in our (always late) manner, and helped put away chairs and tables at the end.

it's a little sunny

We did walk away with 3 leftover pizzas so the time obviously wasn’t wasted.

Oh, yes and we also left with a renewed commitment to practice love and respect in our marriage. A reminder that we have have tools available to us in a conflict.

In the afternoon we had a family meeting. Time to talk about finances, budgets, and other exciting topics. Nothing like hitting some of the big issues!

sarah and david

We watched some sermon clips from Pastor Mark at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, listened to several discussions on stewardship with Randy Alcorn, and were challenged by some words from John Piper on the prosperity gospel.

Just your typical afternoon viewing.

We ended the day with the rest of our Pollyanna movie.

How about you? If you have children, do you wrestle over the big issues with them? Do you talk about tithing and stewardship? Do you discuss the problems facing the poverty stricken people in other countries? Do you let them see that marriage takes WORK? Do you let them see you struggle?

purple puppy and pink pal

Tim and I are both spenders, not a saver between us. As our children have gotten older, they participate in our conversations over money, debt and stewardship. They see our weaknesses and faults.

It’s humbling to know they are aware of your flaws.

I hope amidst it all they also see we are striving to grow and follow Jesus.

But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold. My feet have closely followed his steps; I have kept to his way without turning aside. Job 22:10-11


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What is this picture?

We had co-op this week. No matter how we plan or schedule our time, the kids are constantly working on projects at the last minute.

I can’t imagine where they get that from!

Perhaps from their father’s side of the family.

Please don’t check the time stamp on this post.

As I was saying, each week there is something that needs IMMEDIATE attention, at the last minute. Is this true for public school as well or is it because we only have classes one day a week? Do all parents face this, “Oh no, my assignment is due tomorrow and I haven’t started!” phenomena?

Daniel and Rachel hurry to memorize their spelling words. Joshua is usually on the computer finalizing his presentation homework. Daniel often has a paper to finish for our writing class. The only reason Joshua and Rachel aren’t also furiously writing is that they aren’t taking the course this semester.

doing his math

Sorry kids, just being real.

This was Daniel creation for co-op. Can you identify if from my poorly taken picture?

what is this?

So not only am I homeschooling the children, teaching them during the day, molding and shaping their little brains, I’m also monitoring homework someone ELSE has assigned them.

We started watching Pollyanna this evening.

I can see I need to practice playing The Glad Game.

that's my girl

I’m awfully glad God blessed me with this sweet daughter.


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