Scooters in Flash

Photography is a work of art. The more I learn of its nuances, the more I realize there is to discover.

Take this picture, for example. Do you like it without the flash:

Sarah, David and Rachel

Or with the flash:

them again?

Both pictures are sharp, decent quality featuring cute children. Does it come down to opinion or is there a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in photography? Our local community center offers a course on photography for beginners. Now that we are on The Budget, we both agree there isn’t room for extras photography classes. Maybe another day.

Look closely and chime in, which picture do you prefer?


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Have you ever forgotten one of your children? You know, had a busy evening, watched movies, worked on the computer, exercised, and even done some laundry. All the little ones are safely tucked into their beds, the house quiet and dark. Suddenly you remember you were supposed to pick your beloved oldest child from church.

15 minutes ago.

With two of his friends.

And you live a good 10 or 12 minutes away.

And it’s almost midnight.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

joshua and stuart

“We’re drinking a toast to you, Mom!”

Kathy – Shooting for that elusive Mother of the Year Award
Project 366 – Day 95

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Park Pics

It’s late and I need to go to bed. We have a lot planned for tomorrow and a good night’s sleep would be a really nice way to start the day. Hmmm. Where are all my fellow night owls to make me feel better? I know you’re out there. In fact, you’re probably online right this minute reading blogs or sitting in bed catching up on your novel. Some are playing computer games or doing laundry.

The sun was out again today. Happy day! Daniel began the campaign for a park visit early in the morning.

take me to the park

There’s no stopping Daniel when he’s on a mission.

“I think we should call the R’s and the K’s and go to the park with them today, Mom. What do you think?”

Me, totally distracted by math lessons, muffin baking and other sundry chores, responded with a grunt.

girls are ready to play

Caedie, Jaalah, and Sarah were eager for a game of tag.

Daniel, not in the least bit dismayed at my lack of commitment, continued on, “So how about 2:30 pm? That will give us time to finish school, right?”

Again, no confirmation from the momster.

don't mess with this guy

Eli was up for a play date. Fiercely so!

Rachel chimed in with talk of exercise. “Mom, I really need to get in a workout today and the park would be just perfect.”

Next thing I knew it was mid-afternoon and Daniel was emailing one family on the kids’ computer and the other on my computer. He lined up our play dates, whipped through his school books, and hurried the family along.

I'm bored

David was upset that the game of tag ended abruptly and managed to prove that one can be “bored” and grumpy even on a lovely park outing.

Well, what’s a girl to do? I finalized the plans, curled my hair (still working with the new ‘do), threw some ingredients at Joshua with instructions to “Make Dinner” and zipped out the door for the park.

little park guy

Christian is more reserved in his love for the park.

It’s a burden but someone had to be available to make the children get in the great outdoors.

Project 366 – Day 94

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My Latest Addiction

No, it’s not coffee or chocolate.

Those are old friends.

It’s journaling. More specifically, Prayer Journaling. As much as I adore my computer time – connecting with friends and family through email and blogs – there is something special about writing by hand. My shelves are full of journals of all sizes and shapes. Almost every Christmas and birthday, Tim presents me with a new journal. He often includes a package of fresh pens.

One of my love languages is definitely gifts. I’m not too proud to admit it.

I take sermon notes in journals, write out to do lists, jot down thoughts on the week, and fill the pages with silly reminiscing about my day.

Lately, though, my heart has hungered for time with the Lord. My Beth Moore study on Daniel has been wonderful – meaty, challenging and convicting – but through it all I’ve been longing for something more. Two weeks ago I picked up a pink journal Tim gave me for Christmas and began to write. I decided NOT to fill it with the usual chatter, but to pour out my heart to the Lord.

Within those pages He has spoken to me.

My day, my troubles, my children’s struggles – each one is lifted before the Lord. My heart and pen cries out to Him. I remind Him of His promises and His faithfulness. I beg for wisdom and guidance. I thank Him for His goodness. I repent from my waywardness.

And He forgives. He answers. He blesses me.

Yesterday I wrote and wrote for pages. Daniel was sitting beside me working on his own Bible study. “Why are you writing so much, Mom?” he asked me. I didn’t answer for a minute, my mind still intent on the pleas of my spirit. “I’m praying, Buddy. I guess I have a lot to share with the Lord this morning.” “Hmmm.” He seemed satisfied with my response and went back to his studies.

Back to my journal, I begged the Lord to speak to Daniel and work powerfully in his life.

Do you journal? For those of you who homeschool, do you encourage your children to journal regularly? I have a dear friend in VA whose children write in their personal notebooks every day. I love that idea but haven’t been successful in putting it into practice on a consistent basis.

Prayer Journaling has become a sweet time of fellowship with the Lord. I’m so thankful for a real relationship with my Savior. It’s an addiction I’m willing to indulge.


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WFMW – Hair Cuts

wfmwToday is the first day of our new budget!! Weaning off credit, paying down debt, and, gasp, saving money.

April Fools Day obviously suits us perfectly as the start of something so revolutionary and life changing.

And, in keeping with His great mercy, the Lord has already blessed our efforts. I ran into a friend last week whose daughter is studying at the Redken Hair Academy.

rachel's hair

Time to cut Rachel’s hair.

I cut all the boys’ hair in the family so we save money in that department (thankfully none of them, including Tim, are particular about their hair). The girls, however, are a different story. The expectations for us to look beautiful are higher. It’s a burden we’re willing to bear, with grace of course. Rachel and Sarah both have long hair and only need the occasional trim. I tend to splurge on the rare, but expensive, cut and color.

rachel's turn

Have I mentioned recently how lovely it is to have daughters?

What are the beauty academy prices, you ask? Well, let me share with you:

Hair Cuts – $9
Children’s Cuts – $5
Highlights – $29

Those fees are amazing!! I immediately made an appointment for both Rachel and myself. I figured if the haircut turned out well, I could go back for highlights.

keeping the length

Nothing like a fresh cut to improve the day.

Rachel and I were tickled with the ambiance and setting of the hair institute. The academy was professional and tasteful in decor and atmosphere. It felt more like a busy, fashionable salon than a school. Krista did a beautiful job. She was confident and friendly, taking care to listen to our requests and talk through different hair style possibilities. At each step an instructor came by to monitor and approve the work. Rachel and I were thrilled with our extremely affordable and gorgeous new looks. Krista even gave us a tip on the styling brush she used – $7 at Sally Beauty Supplies.

gorgeous girl!

Rachel’s new style is fresh and funky.

Redken Professional Academy definitely works for us! Stop by Rocks in My Dryer for other links, tips and ideas.

Project 366 – Day 92

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