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Hi All! I can’t believe it’s already here!! I meant to have this post all written and ready to go right away. You know, to be at the top of the HUGE Rocks in My Dryer giveaway list. Instead, as usual, I’m behind and scrambling to catch up.

Ah, these things happen.

Mainly it was the snow.

It happened here at our house.

In western Washington.

snow bunnies

Washington, where we usually have more rain than snow. Tim says we do things proper here and keep our snow on the mountains, where it belongs.

As promised, my giveaway is centered around two of my favorite things:


Leave a comment on whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate. The giveaway ends on Saturday, February 2nd at midnight (Pacific time). A winner will be drawn randomly on Sunday, February 3rd. US residents only.


$10 Starbucks gift card

Chocolate (in some shape of form – it’ll be a surprise)


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Shall We Play?

Rachel has been taking piano lessons for several years. Recently David began to beg and plead for lessons himself.

I can play!

“Maybe Rachel could teach you,” I suggested, trying to test his sincerity and keep the price down. Rachel, of course, looked at me rather incredulously, shaking her head firmly. Becoming a piano teacher is obviously not high on her list of career choices.

“Well, we’ll see. You’ll have to talk to Miss Nancy.” Miss Nancy is our beloved piano teacher and dear friend of Tim’s parents. She’s also An Adult and therefore Scary. I was sure that would put David off a bit.

Nope. He was determined.

It’s official, we now have two piano students in our home.

Or maybe it’s three.

teach me, DavidI think I can do this, too

“Don’t worry, Mom, I can SO play this song. David’s teaching me.”

Project 366 – Day 23

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Painting the Town

This morning dawned clear and cold, unusual for Washington, even in January. We’re having a cold snap — that is, it sometimes falls below freezing. I know, this is nothing compared to weather in the Midwest or Northeast, but it feels cold to us. Many people don’t have any kind of a jacket other than a raincoat, and hardly know what to do when it gets this cold. Personally, I wear a fleece sweatshirt.

One of the interesting things about our house is that it has a view of Mount Rainier. It wasn’t something that was really advertised when we bought it, but it is, after all, a mountain view. It is even more breathtaking from Daniel’s window, but you’ll have to take my word for it. Here it is:

Mountain View

Oh, for those who couldn’t find it in that last shot, here it is a little closer. Now if I could only get Bob to bulldoze his house …

Better Mountain View
Bob always was rude about blocking my view.

Have you ever noticed that the moon changes size? I’ve seen days when the moon seems about to crash into the earth, and then there are days when the moon seems nowhere to be found. This morning, the moon was out, but hardly more than a big planet … or so it seemed.

Tiny moon
Look at all that big sky, and what a pathetic moon — almost full, too!

We had the opportunity to paint this evening — our church’s toddler and preschool rooms badly need renovation. A bunch of folks from our small group Bible study painted with us, but since I don’t have permission to post their pictures, I’ll just show pictures of my own children and pretend we did all the work.

David on a Roll
David, armed and dangerous

Radiator Dan
“We were supposed to paint the radiators, right?”

Come to think of it, based on the number of spots on the carpet and the quality of the painting, perhaps we’d be better off to implicate others.

Comparing their work
“Um, David, I think you missed a spot.

Project 366, Day 25

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I’m Going Under – by Sarah

I’m not sure about this whole swimming thing. It turns out they want you to put your head under.

Under the water.

All the way.

I tried to tell them, “No, thank you, I’m fine with my face out of the water,” but they kept insisting it was swim class and I had to learn how to swim. Who knew swimming involved getting your head wet.

Look what I did today!!

plug your nose!

I have a GREAT swim teacher and she told me I could “Do It!” and so I went under.

Yep, all the way.


where's Sarah?

This isn’t too hard. Bring it on!

a little water logged

Project 366 – Day 23

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