P365 – Day 85 (Incognito)

I realized at the end of the day that I hadn’t taken a single picture. What kind of a Project 365 person am I if I can’t even remember to take one photo??? Alas, Mondays are often difficult for this little family and this one was busy as usual.

daniel 2

Thankfully no one took a picture of me falling asleep during our reading time (Bible reading time no less – I don’t remember anything the kids read in chapter 16 of John). Or a picture of me sweating on the elliptical machine (do women sweat, perspire or glow?).


This is NOT Nutella I’m reaching for, as some people have implied.

In fact, I think the most of the family was incognito today. No doubt hiding from the camera.


daniel 1
I hope these pictures aren’t a sign that the children will be going on Project 365 strike anytime soon. Thanks, Rachel, for grabbing the camera and covering for me. I’d hate to end the day with an empty, boring photo-less blog.


Do you find people like their picture taken or resist it? One of Joshua’s friends winces every time I pull out my camera. I can’t tell if he’s shy, hates the flash, or just doesn’t like his picture taken (can’t be bothered). Most of my children look up with their “Photo Ready” smile when they catch a glimpse of a camera. I sometimes use my camera to video the kids. I find it amusing to see how long they will hold their little photo-shoot-model pose before asking (always out of the side of the mouth), “Are you video taping?”

Do you remember to bring your camera along or forget it more times than not? Is there one person in your family who is the photographer and takes a majority of the pictures. If you have a great tip for taking great pictures, PLEASE SHARE!!!

Always curious!


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Some fun blog links

Some fun posts I’ve read this week on friends’ blogs:

*Best souvenir from a homecoming military dh – De’Etta (aka Burka Babe)

*Weirdest Cat Art (Is this for real??) – Don’t Try This At Home

*College Reflections – Rachel (one of my awesome W&M roommates)

*Decorating the home for Easter – Emily

*More Inspiring Easter decorating with Emily

*Travels around England with Betty the stuffed duck – Romany

*Photography book review – Kristine

*Lots of pictures of a great trip to Disney – Cynthia

*10 Requirements for Surgery – Ginger

*Night with the Moody Chorale – Carl

That’s just a little of what I’ve been reading lately. It’s a wonder I have any time to blog at all. But then I just let the children clean the house so I have plenty of time to sit around and browse blogs.

Share some of your favorite blogs in the comments section! Remember, 72 million blogs and counting.


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David’s Caterpillars

David is taking a bug class at co-op this semester. He’s moved out of the kindergarten classes and into the first grade level. It makes for a long day but he’s being stretched and is learning so much.

This week the teacher passed out caterpillars. The children are supposed to record and document the changes they see as the caterpillars spin cocoons and turn into butterflies. David’s are doing great. It’s fun to watch.


I’m still playing with the settings on my camera to get a good, close up shot.

Poor David, right when I was ready to take some pictures of his cool, new caterpillars, he got hurt. Are these some pathetic photos, or what?

david frownsfake smile

Nice fake smile there, buddy! Sorry you got hurt. Can’t wait to see the caterpillars be transformed.


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P365 – Day 84 (Chocolate Brownies)

Somehow I don’t think this is what Jesus meant when he said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Mt. 19:14

brownie attack

Plus, one of those “children” looks a little big. Mr. P couldn’t resist sneaking into the picture. Some would say he’s just a ‘big kid’ anyway so he’s invited into the kid photo. :)

We had our small group Bible study this evening and the P’s graciously brought chocolate. The pan was just barely enough to feed the whole crowd (I blame the ravenous children for the lack of leftovers). We’ve moved our study to an earlier hour which is working out great except the children are often famished by the time we’re done meeting. They descend like locusts when the snacks are revealed.

Lately I’ve been starting dinner while the guests are visiting and gathering up their things. I don’t mean to be rude as I pull together things for a quick dinner, it’s just that the children rapidly move into starvation/grumpy mood the later the hour gets. Thankfully I am a multi-tasker so I can usually gather food for dinner, chat with friends, and take pictures all at the same time.

It’s a gift and a curse.


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P365 – Day 83 Squish Ball War

It wasn’t enough that we had the Civil War or the Poke War, now we have Father/Son Squish Ball War. Folks, this one isn’t pretty.

tim throws
blanket graygrabbingwrestling down

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, Joshua makes a startling comeback. He’s reaching for the ball, he makes a play, can he do it??

joshua wants the ball

Yes, not only was Joshua victorious, but he managed to work some magic with the prized ball.

joshua tosses the ball

People who live in Washington state understand how father and son can fall to such desperate straits. It’s the rain. It never stops. It’s grey and rainy and depressing. Boys, who need to go outside and run around and ride bikes and toss baseballs, are forced to terrible measures.

They should be:

tossing ball

Or even:

daniel scooter

But no, it’s too wet and grey and rainy to go outside. Sure we end up with a beautiful green state with gorgeous flowers and waterfalls and the like but it comes with a serious cost. All of that cooped up energy and testosterone leads boys to vicious wars with their siblings and, at times, even their fathers. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for men. If its level is low, you should learn how testosterone therapy can help.
Poor Rachel. She was trying to talk to our friends in Thailand (who NEED to start posting on their new blog) amidst this Squish Ball War. The picture I took of her was so full of despair and frustration, I immediately had to delete it. It wasn’t fit to post. Thankfully the boys settled down and Rachel handed the Skype headphones over to Daniel.

daniel skypes

Strangely enough, the action and roughness and loud volume of the Squish Ball War didn’t seem to faze Daniel one bit. I’m not sure he even noticed.

b and w danieldaniel talks

Just when you think you can make a difference in life, that your little blog can bring cheer and even spiritual encouragement to people out there in the blogosphere, you end up with a post like this.

It’s the rain, friends, the rain.


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